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Cycling Clothing

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On this page: Booties & shoe, toe covers | Base layers | Gloves | Headgear | Helmets | Jackets & vests | Jerseys | Shorts | Sox | Sunglasses | T-Shirts | Tights | Arm warmers | Leg & knee warmers

Winter Booties & shoe, toe covers
Cannondale Team Issue Neoprene booties, small
Louis Garneau booties & shoe, toe covers
Parentini partial/front shoe covers, large
Showers Pass Club shoe covers
Sidetrack toe warmers & toe clip covers
Spokes Wear Neoprene booties: sizes 37/38, 39/40

Base layers
Campagnolo None currently in stock
Louis Garneau

Gloves: Winter | Summer | Off-Road

Winter Gloves
Assos gloves: (None currently in stock)
Bar Mitts flat-bar mittens (pogies)
Bianchi Windstopper, medium
Canari Static, small
Chiba Dry Star small; RainPro X-small
Express Line
Louis Garneau
Parentini Roubaix, large
Pearl Izumi
Potenza Neoprene, X-Small
Showers Pass Crosspoint, medium

Summer short-fingered gloves
Chiba Vision with light
Efram XL
Hatch crochet-back, small
Louis Garneau
Parentini large
Specialized large

Off-Road Gloves
Axiom Full-Finger, large
SixSixOne MTX X-small

Headgear: Winter | Summer | Logo'd baseball caps

Winter headgear:
Louis Garneau Balaclavas (ski masks)
Headbands-Ear covers
Insulating Hats and under-helmet head covers
Waterproof helmet covers

Summer headgear:
Collectors' caps: Mondonico/McGann autographed cap
Louis Garneau cycling cap
Team, bike, parts makers caps
Pace cycling caps
Sweatbands and other headgear

Logo'd baseball caps
Bianchi logo'd baseball cap


Helmets R Us Multisport Large

Jackets & vests:
Nylon-fronted wool jackets: Giordana size 2
Wool jackets & warm-up tops : Vulcan medium
Rain jackets: Bellwether | Burley | CycleItalia | Louis Garneau | Gore-Tex small | Parentini large | Showers Pass
Water-resistant wind jackets: Concurve XXL
Wind jackets: Louis Garneau women's XL | Pearl Izumi large | Schwinn Icy-Hot X-Large
Thermal vests: South Salem Cycleworks
Wind Vests: Pearl Izumi large

Jerseys: Short sleeve | Sleeveless | Long sleeve

Short sleeve jerseys:
Cycling club jerseys (Salem Capitol Velo, large)
Bike & frame makers: Bianchi, medium | Marin, medium | Masi, X-Small | Mondonico | Peugeot, small | Torelli, medium | Vulcan, medium
Bike companies that are not manufacturers: Experience Plus Cycle Tours X-Large
Cycling Events like centuries and fund raisers
MTB: Louis Garneau Junior large
Plain or abstract patterned: Campagnolo | Jolly Wear | Louis Garneau | Parentini | Ultima
Pro Team jerseys: Mapei, Molteni, Amore & Vita, Jolly-Club 88, Mercatone Uno and lots of others
Themed jerseys: Assorted, interesting jerseys whose graphics aren't about a race, club of industry supplier
Wool & wool blend: Campagnolo | Carolo | Castelli | Ciessegi | D'Alessandro | Emily K | Essegi | Parentini

Sleeveless jerseys
Parentini (large grey/black)

Long sleeve jerseys
Bike & frame makers: Bianchi | Torelli
Bike Shops: South Salem Cycleworks
J. T. Actif
(medium wool blend in black)
(large grey extra warm jersey)
Themed (Medium Rainbow Jersey)
Zoic Women MTB (large)

Cycling Shorts
Baggy shorts: Fox Racing X-Large | Nema medium | Pearl Izumi women's X-Large
Bib shorts: Torelli Cotton-Lycra size 2
Pro team bib shorts: Peugeot 3X-Large
Kids small shorts
Men's shorts: Louis Garneau X-Large
Women's shorts: Avenir Size 2 | Louis Garneau medium

Cycling sox
Cannondale Ov'r Sox

Gore Windstopper, size 41/43
Louis Garneau
Save Our Soles
Sock Guy
Terry Women's

Rudy Project
Various brands of eyewear

Mondonico autographed Farewell Tour T-shirts

Louis Garneau tights

Arm warmers
Louis Garneau arm warmers

Leg & knee warmers
Canari leg & knee warmers in small
Louis Garneau leg & knee warmers
Sergal wool leg warmers