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Bicycle Tools & Shop Equipment

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Nov 20, 2020 note: We just started this page. We'll be posting tools (already photographed!) here over the next couple of weeks.

Bicycle shop equipment: Credit-card processor, Highspeed receipt printers

Bicycle tools on this page: Bottom bracket & crankset tools | Brake tools | Brake & gear cable tools | Chain tools | Freewheel pullers | Hub tools | Pedal tools

Bottom bracket & crankset tools
Crank arm fixing bolt wrenches for cotterless cranksets
Shimano bottom bracket tools

Brake tools:
Caliper brake tools

Brake & gear cable tools:
Brake & gear cable tools

Chain tools
Chain breakers and chain wear indicators

Freewheel pullers
ACS BMX freewheel pullers
Shimano/Sachs/Sunrace freewheel pullers

Hub tools
Cartridge bearing tools: bearing puller
Cone wrenches
Fixed gear tools

Pedal tools
Campagnolo pedal tools