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Nishiki Bicycles and Frames

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Nishiki bicycles were produced in Japan by the Kawamura factory 1972 - 1987 for West Coast Cycle Supply (WCC). WCC was owned by the Cohen family, who had been in cycle trade for decades when they began importing their own brand of bikes. The first bikes of the Kawamura production that WCC brought in were branded "American Eagle". The name was quickly changed to "Nishiki".

Those Kawamura-produced bicycles were of very high quality and were hit from the day the first ones arrived in the U.S.

In the late 1980s, because of the poor Yen/Dollar exchange rate, production of Nishiki bikes was moved to Giant's Taiwan factory.

On this page: 52cm Prestige frame | 57cm Olympic Royale frameset

52cm Nishiki Prestige frame. Used, $250.00

52cm seat tube x 54cm top tube

  • 95mm head tube
  • Forged dropouts with eyelets
  • Two sets of water-bottle bottle braze-ons
  • Tange 2 double-butted cro-moly tubing
  • Down-tube braze-on for SunTour Symmetric shifters. We have Symmetric shifters in stock. On other frames we have converted that braze-on to a cable stop, allowing the use of handlebar-mounted shifters, such as Ergo or fingertips. Please take a look at the second picture in this post for an example of this conversion.
  • We have a good stock of forks, both carbon and steel.
  • We date this frame to the mid-1980s

Nishiki Pretige

With a little work, this will make a very special bike. It is well-made from top-notch materials.

Sfiter braze-on

We can make a nice adapter for the top-of-the-downtube shifter boss so that the bike still looks good and functions the way you want it to. Here's one we did a while back.

57cm Nishiki Olympic Royale frameset. Used, $200.00

57cm seat tube x 57cm top tube

  • Made for 27-inch wheels
  • 150mm head tube
  • Serial number KH03391
  • Cromoly steel, lugged frame
  • Made by Kawamura in Japan in the 1970s
  • Comes with headset, seatpost and Dia-Compe centerpull brake calipers

Nishiki Olympic Royale

Eyelets on the dropouts make it easy to mount fenders or racks.