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NordicTrack Fitness Bike

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NordicTrack Fitness Bike. Used $175

NordicTrack produced this bike in 1992. It has several interesting features. The most notable is Radial Gear expanding front hub drivetrain (pictures below). Press the shift lever and pedal forward and the bike shifts to a higher gear. To downshift press the lever and backpedal slightly. It even lets you downshift when standing still.

  • It has a low top tube and upright riser handlebars for cycling comfort.
  • It has a powerful rear band brake.
  • The expandable crankset increases or decreases your gear ratio. It's explained in the video below.

Here is the maker's video explaining the bike:


Here's our bike:

NordiTrack fitness bike

Ready for some comfortable, easy miles

NordiTrack fitness bike

Close-up of the rear band brake that is part of the rear rim.

NordicTrack Fitness bike

Another view of the rear brake.

Nordic Track bicycle

Another view of some of the rear brake.

NordiTrack bicycle

Close-up of the expanding front chainwheel

Top view

Top view of the chainwheel