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Colnago Master X-Light 56cm Frameset

On this page: Colnago Master X-Light 56cm frameset

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Ernesto Colnago has been building high-performance bicycle frames since 1952. He was initially apprenticed at thirteen to the legendary Milan bicycle builder Gloria. He took up racing, but a bad crash sent him back to the torch and file. He opened his own shop in 1952, working as a subcontractor for Gloria.

His gifts as a race mechanic were quickly evident and he became a team mechanic for the Nivea team, working under the guidance of the great Faliero Masi. In 1963 he became the head mechanic of the Molteni team, which led to his becoming Gianni Motta's and Eddy Merckx's frame builder.

Starting in the mid-1960s, Colnago's steel frames earned a reputation as among the finest in the world. When the 1970s American bike boom created a giant demand for Colnago frames and bikes, Colnago was willing to farm out his orders and allowed his decals to be put on bikes that weren't up the the reputation he had earned.

Barring that short-term glitch, the Colnago name on a bike is justly synonymous with performance, quality and innovation. He has experimented with titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber and frames using a mixture of different materials. The Colnago C40 of the 1990s was ridden to five Paris-Roubaix victories in six years. Great riders want to ride his bikes.

Colnago still creates masterpieces in steel, the material he first used to build frames.

Colnago Master X-Light frameset 56 cm. used, $1,200.
This frame is 56 x 56cm.

Included with this frameset are a Chris King headset, Easton EA90 (10cm x 31.8) stem, and Shimano barrel adjusters.

The Master X-Light is an updated version of the iconic Master frame of the 1980s. The Master X-Light uses custom, specially profiled star-shaped Gilco-designed tubing drawn by Columbus. Lugs are investment-cast. Everything on this frame was made or done in Italy: the tubing, lugs, paint and chrome plating. This is a very special frameset.

Colnago master x-light

The technical excellence of this frameset is complemented by its beautiful "Art Decor" paint

Colnago Master X-Light

Indeed, this is a Master X-Light.

Colnago Master X-Light

The front end, showing the investment-cast (or lost-wax) fork crown and lugs

Colnago frameset

The special Gilco-design Columbus tubing decal.

Colnago Master X light

This does have the special "Art Decor" paint. Note also the specially shaped set-tube lug.