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Giordana Steel Framssets

Giordana steel frames are handbuilt in Italy. But interestingly, they are made from French Excell tubing. Excell's alloys were developed for the aerospace industry, but were found to be a perfect match for bicycle tubing.

Giordana frames use stage-racing geometry. Built for the long miles, Giordana frames are comfortable, stable and efficient.

56cm XL Strada | 59cm XL Strada

56cm Giordana XL Strada frameset. New, $1,000
56cm seat tube x 55.5cm top tube

  • 147mm head tube
  • 72.5-degree seat tube x 73.3-degree head tube
  • Two sets of water-bottle braze-ons, pump peg and shifter bosses

56 Giordana frameset

Striking graphics on this beautifully hand-crafted steel frameset

56 Giordana framset

This frame has an internal rear brake cable. Also, the Excell Cromex decal can be seen.

Head tube

Head tube view showing investment-cast flat fork crown and seat tube water bottle braze-ons.

Giordana frameset

Rear view showing nicely filed brass where the dropouts are brazed. That takes time and care. This frameset mattered a lot to the builder and it shows.

59cm Giordana XL Strada frameset. New, $1,000.00
59cm seat tube x 58.5cm top tube

  • 174mm head tube
  • 72.1-degree seat tube x 73-degree head tube
  • Two sets of water bottle braze-ons, pump peg and downtube shifter bosses

59 Giordana XL framset

Here's a gorgeous 59 cm Giordana XL Strada

59 cm Girodana XL

Front view showing the flat cast fork crown and braze-ons.

Giordana frameset

The seat cluster showing the exit of the hidden internal rear brake cable

rear seat cluster

The rear triangle. Again, immaculate workmanship.