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Guerciotti Frame

The Guerciotti brothers, Paolo & Italo, began producing Guerciotti frames and bikes in the mid-1960s. By the 1970s, with the business now in Paolo's hands, the demand for Guerciotti product exploded. In the U.S., the top distributor of professional goods at the time, Ten Speed Drive Imports, made Guerciotti their signature brand.

Wanting to get a handle on quality control, Paolo Guerciotti teamed up with Antonio Mondonico to form GMC (Guerciotti-Mondonico Cycles). With the closure of his father's shop, Mondonico was then building frames for Colnago. Mondonico brought the old Lombard technique of pinned frame construction with him to GMC. This avoids the usual technique of tack-brazing each joint, meaning each joint is heated twice during building. With pinned construction, a steel pin is pressed into a drilled hole to hold the tubes and lugs in place for final brazing, meaning each joint is heated only once. It's time-consuming work, but it makes for a special frame.

Mondonico and Guerciotti ceased their partnership in 1989.

58cm Guerciotti Columbus SL pinned frameset $400.00

  • 58 seat tube x 58 top tube
  • Head tube is 154mm tall
  • Cinelli investment-cast bottom bracket shell
  • Pinned construction
  • Campagnolo adjustable horizontal dropouts with Campagnolo screws

This frame was produced in the mid-1980s by GMC, meaning Antonio Mondonico. The frame is pinned. It is made with Columbus SL double-butted tubing and uses all investment-cast conjunctions: Lugs, BB shell, and fork crown. Dropouts are Campagnolo. This frame was probably imported into the U.S. by Ten-Speed Drive Imports.

Guerciotti frameset

Though the paint and decals may be the worse for the years, the underlying steel frameset is an Italian Columbus SL jewel, hand-crafted by Antonio Mondonico.

Guerciotti frame

The remnants of the Columbus SL decal can be seen beneath the seat lug. Note the rainbow bands on the Guerciotti decal. Guerciotti can use them because his bikes have won nine world championships.

Guerciotti head tube

The frame has investment-cast lugs, fork crown and BB shell. Note the immaculate brazing.

Guerciotti rear triangle

View of the rear triangle

Guerciotti Cinelli bottom bracket shell

No money was spared in building this frame. The use of a Cinelli investment-cast bottom-bracket shell proves that.