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Klein Bicycles

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Gary Klein was one of the first modern builders to use oversized aluminum tubing in bike construction. He made the first of his revolutionary frames while still a student at M.I.T.

Klein frames are no longer produced, the last ones were made in 2009.

On this page: 54cm Quantum complete bike | 61cm Stage Comp complete bike

54cm Klein Quantum complete bicycle. Used, $1,800

54cm to top (52cm center-to-center) x 54cm top tube

  • Full Mavic group
  • Hand-built wheels
  • Salsa skewers
  • 8-speed rear cogset
  • Modolo X-Tenos stem & Mavic 350 handlebars

Kelin Quantum bike

Classic high-performance Klein with downtube shifters.

Klein Quantum bicycle

From the front. The Mavic group goes well with the high-tech Quantum frameset.

Klein Quantum bike

The drivetrain.

Klein Quantum bike

And a close-up of the seat cluster

61 cm Klein Stage Comp complete bicycle. Used, $950. Probably produced in 1997 or 1998.

This bike has a 61 cm seat tube and a 58.5 cm top tube.

Please note the special rear-entry track type rear dropouts (detail photo is below).

The bike is built with 8-speed Shimano 103 with a triple front chainring.

61 cm Klein complete bike

The complete bike, built with Shimano 105 triple to handle any hill. Light and stiff, a hard combination to do in a big bike.

61 cm Klein bike front view

The Klein Stage Comp from the front

Klein rear dropout

The Klein Stage Comp's special rear dropout

Klein stage comp

Detail photo showing Klein Gradient tubing decal and triple crank