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Marin Touring Bicycles

On this page: 54cm Four Corners touring bike | 58cm Four Corners touring bike

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Marin Bikes was one of the first companies to produce high-quality production mountain bikes. The bike maker was founded in 1986 in Marin County, California, where mountain biking was born. The company was quite successful and expanded its line. By the early 1990s, Marin was producing titanium full-suspension mountain bikes, hybrid and road bikes. The company also makes women-specific and children's bikes.

54cm Marin Four Corners touring bike. New, $1,100
54cm seat tube x 53.5cm top tube.

Here's what Marin has to say about its Four Corners touring bikes: The Four Corners is built for the adventure rider looking to explore deep off of the beaten path, sleep outdoors, and be ready for whatever pavement, dirt road, or light singletrack is around the next corner. The heads-up bar position and generous braze-ons that make it possible to live on the bike for days at a time are equally at home on the daily commute.

The Specs:

Marin Four Corners bikes

Wide gearing, sturdy wheels, fingertip shifters. Do you hear the road calling?

Marin Four Corners bike

Front view. Cantilever brakes actuated by either drop levers or top levers. Lots of adjustment available on the steering tube to raise or lower the bars. You will be comfortable on this well-thought-out bike.

Marin Four Corners bike

From the back. Powerful cantilever brakes and wide-range gears.

Marin Four Conrers bike

This bike will accept disc brakes. Note the braze-on attachment near the bottom of the fork. The paint job is an interesting green-to-brown iridescence that changes with the viewing angle.

Marin Four corners

That odd-looking braze-on near the bottom of the seat stay is the rear attachment for a disc brake. Note the strong socket rear dropout and the seat-chain-stay reinforcement.

58cm Marin Four Corners touring bike. New, $1,100
58cm seat tube x 57cm top tube

The specs:

Marin Four Corners Touring bike

Wide-range gears, fingertip shifters, strong wheels. Load 'er up and hit the road.

Marin Four Corners bike

From the other side. That little front sprocket will get you up almost anything. Braze-ons are on the forks and stays for racks.

Marin Four Corners touring bike

From the back. It comes with powerful V-brakes.

Marin Four Corners touring bike

Front view.

Marin Four Corners 57 cm bike

Lots of gears and the right derailleur to move the chain back and forth on them.

Marin Four Corners bike

A special braze-on carries spare spokes if misfortune occurs.