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Mondonico Frames, new old stock and beautiful used frames

We have a few new frames built by Antonio and Mauro Mondonico in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These frames were built by the masters in their small shop in Concrezzo, Italy. These are steel frames with an extraordinary ride that possess a beauty that only Italian master can bring to their art.

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Here's a photo gallery and history of this remarkable framebuilding shop

Mondonico Frames on this page (in size order): | 48cm Nemo 70th Anniversary | 54cm Spirit | 55cm Nemo 70th Anniversary | 56cm Futura Leggero orange | 56cm Ultrafoco | 57 cm Foco Final World Tour | 58cm ELOS wishbone red | 60cm Nemo yellow | 60cm Airplane w/carbon monostay | 61cm Foco Final World Tour | 63cm Spirit Fixie/Track | 64cm Futura Leggero blue

Mondonico 48cm 70th Anniversary Nemo frameset
48c, seat tube x 51cm top tube
$1,999.99 frame and fork

This is number 39 of the 70 special frames Mondonico built celebrating his family's seventy years building frames. Mondonico used Columbus' super-light Nemo steel tubing, making it both extremely light and comfortable.

Mondonico 70th anniversary

The beautiful frame is dressed out with chrome lugs, dropouts, chainstay, fork crown and fork tips.

Mondonico nemo

This picture shows Mondonico's immaculate workmanship. Note the perfect shaping of the brass transitions from tubing to dropouts.

Mondonico nemo frame

Detail shot of the top tube showing the engraved seat lug and Anniversary frame number

Mondonico anniveraary frame

Head tube shot showing chrome lugs and fork crown. Note 70th engraved crown.

Mondonico nemo frame

Columbus Nemo tubing decal and special engraved bottom bracket shell

Mondonico 54 cm Spirit
54cm seat tube x 55.5cm top tube
$2,300 frame only.

Spirit tubing is drawn using Columbus' most advanced steel alloy, Niobium. With Columbus Spirit tubing, a frame can be made out of steel that is marginally heavier than aluminum, yet has the lively springy feel of steel. The top tube is drawn to only 0.45 mm in the unbutted section and the seat tube is just 0.4 mm thick in much of its length. This frame was one of the last frames Antonio and Mauro Mondonico built.

Mondonico Spirit frame

Mondonico 54cm Spirit bike painted a beautiful cream color in the U.S. with Dupont Imron.

Mondonico Spirit

Head tube view

Mondonico Spirit frame

Rear view showing investment-cast rear vertical dropouts

Mondonico Spirit frame

Mondonico 54 cm Spirit seat tube showing tubing decal

Mondonico 55cm 70th Anniversary Nemo tubing tubing frameset
w/ Silca pump painted to match and Campagnolo steel headset
Number 56 of 70 built
55cm seat tube x 55cm top tube
$2,999 frame and fork

Mondonico 55cm 70th Anniversary frameset

Mondonico 70th Anniversary 55 cm frameset

Mondonico 70th Anniversary frameset

Detail showing number 56 of 70 built along with fillet-brazed fast-back seat stays and Nemo Nivacome tubing decal

Mondonico Futura Leggero 56cm
56cm seat tube x 56cm top tube, $1,670.00
The price includes frame, carbon Torelli Aspect SL fork with carbon steering tube and Torelli/Tange headset.
This was the distributor's Mondonico display frameset for the Las Vegas Interbike bicycle trade show a few years ago. It was so beautiful we took it home with us.

Mondonico retired after doing a Farewell measuring tour in 2005.  For a few years after, he had a trusted friend build frames using his specific geometry, but did not insist on pinning the lugs of the frame.  This is a Mondonico approved frame, not one built by Antonio himself.

Frame geometry:

  • Head tube: 73 degrees
  • Seat tube: 74 degrees
  • Top tube: 56cm
  • Chain stay: 41cm
  • Wheelbase: 99cm
  • Headtube:  149mm

Mondonico Futua Leggero

A lovely piece of functional Italian art.

Mondonico Futura Leggero

The view from the back. It's hard to capture the beauty of the pearlescent pain in a web picture. The paint is gorgeous.

Mondonico Futura Leggero

Front view with the carbon fork

Mondonico Futura Leggero

Close-up side view

56cm Mondonico Columbus Ultrafoco frame

56cm seat tube x 56cm top tube
Frame only, $4,545. A fork would be $450. Of course, the are many options when deciding how to build up this lovely work of art. Give us a call.

Mondonico Ultrafoco

Side view of this masterpiece of the framebuilder's art

Mondonico Ultrafoco

Rear view. Note the investment-cast dropouts and bottom bracket shell

Mondonico ultrafoco

Head tube view.

Mondonico Ultrafoco

View of the seat tube cluster, highlighting the beautiful paint scheme

57cm Mondonico Final World Tour frameset. New $2,499.00. Fork only: $500.00

  • 57cm seat tube x 56cm top tube
  • Columbus Foco tubing

Mondonico 57 cm world Tour frameset

A beautiful example of the master's work.

Mondonico 57 cm blue world tour frameset

Fully prepped and alignment checked.

Mondonico 57cm world tour frameset

And from the front


The special head tube decal was the same as the one used by Antonio Mondonico's father.

Mondonico frameset

This was one of the last frames Antonio Mondonico built.

58cm Mondonico EL-OS wishbone frame. $2,299.99

Part# 94690

Mondonico 58cm elos frame

We have a wide array for forks suitable for this work of art, both steel and carbon.

Mondonico EL OS

The rear triangle.

Mondonico EL Os

And from the front. Lugged Columbus steel built by a master builder. The way bikes should be.

60cm Mondonico Columbus Nemo with slightly shorter top tube
60cm seat tube x 58.5cm top tube
Frame, fork and fenders: $1,500

This was a custom frameset made with a 58.5cm top tube instead of the standard 59cm.
It is made with Columbus Nemo tubing and has special braze-ons for fender attachment. The fenders are included with the frame and fork. Note, this frame does have a dent in the top tube. A photo of the blemish is posted below.

Complete bike

Here it is shown as a complete bike, but the listing is for the frame, fork and fenders.

Mondonico frame

A closer look at the frameset and the fender braze-ons

Mondonico fender

View of the front fork

Top tube dent

Top tube dent

Bottom braket

Close up of the bottom bracket

Seat cluster

Seat cluster

60mm Mondonico Columbus Airplane with Carve carbon monostay

60cm seat tube x 59.5cm top tube

Frame: $1,749.99

This frame is built with Columbus' advanced 7000 series Aluminum tubing. Columbus has designed each tube's shape to optimize both stiffness and comfort. The Columbus Carve monostay makes this an especially lightweight and good feeling racing frame.

Mondonico airplane frame

The chainstay has been polished rather than painted. Changing a wheel won't scratch the paint.

Seat tube detail

Seat tube detail showing the curved carbon stays and the Columbus Airplane tubing decal

Mondonico Airplane frame

Head tube close up. You can see the special top and down tube profiles.

Mondonico Airplane

Rear view showing the Columbus "Carve" carbon fiber monostay

61cm Mondonico Columbus FOCO 2005 Final World Tour signed frame

61cm seat tube x 60cm top tube
Frame: $2,499, Fork: $399

61 cm mondinco foco

Generous chrome makes this masterpiece a standout

Head tune

Special World Tour head tube art

Seat tube

Seat tube with special World Tour decal

Foco seat tune

Seat tube close-up

Mondonico 63cm Spirit-tubing Road Fixie/Track frameset. New
Frame built with Columbus Spirit tubing, fork blades are Dedaccai steel.
63cm seat tube x 59cm top tube
Frame: $2,500 Fork $300
This frame was built after Mondonico retired, in a shop he approved.

Mondonico frameset

Lots of chrome to complement this frame's beautiful workmanship.

Mondonico 63 spirit frame

Here's the Spirit tubing decal. Also, with two water bottle bosses, it can be built into a fixie road bike that will go the distance.

Mondonico spirit tubing frame

From the front. Who doesn't love chrome lugs?

Mondonico Spirit frame

From the back showing the chrome rear triangle.

Mondonico fork

The fork has a full-sloping investment cast crown.

Mondonico 64cm Futura Leggero with Reynold Ouzo Comp carbon fork
Built with Columbus Nemo tubing set designed for large frames
64cm seat tube x 61 cm top tube
Frame: $1,179; Reynold Ouzo Comp carbon fork: $255

Mondonico 64 cm Futura Leggero

Mondonico 64cm Futura Leggero with Reynold Ouzo Comp carbon fork

Mondonico Futura Leggero

Seat tube close up showing fillet-brazed fastback seatstay and Nicacrom Nemo tubing decal