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Peugeot Frameset

The Peugeot family has been making water mills, knives, and hydraulic equipment since the mid-19th century. With the advent of practical bicycles, company early on began manufacturing bikes, beginning in 1882. That makes Peugeot one of cycling's oldest brands. Peugeot is especially famous for its racing team. Riders sponsored by Peugeot have won the Tour de France ten times, more than any other maker.

55 cm Peugeot PX Columbus tubing frame and fork, $400

55cm seat tube x 55.5cm top tube
Columbus SLX tubing, produced in 1986

Though this bike was produced for only two years, over the years its reputation has grown. The Peugeot PX is now very highly regarded among steel frame enthusiasts. It is known for its excellent handling and good ride. This is as fine as anything that has come out of the Peugeot factory.

Peugeot PX

The Peugeot PX came equipped with Mavic SSC components. If you are interested in the parts (it is now set up with a blend of various pro components), please give us a call.

Peugeot PX

Front view. The fork is made with a full-sloping internal fork crown. There is some chrome flaking off from the crown.

Peugeot PX

Bottom bracket area

Rear Triangle

Rear triangle view