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Tandem Bicycles

On this page: XL Santana Noventa | 53.5cm x 47 cm Burley Samba Tandem

A well-designed and well-made tandem is a joy to ride. And making a good tandem isn't simple. It requires both art and science to make a bike that is both comfortable and yet stiff enough to withstand the force and weight of two riders on two wheels. The two tandems we have for sale are from builders with extensive experience in creating bicycles built for two. Both have well-earned reputation for making excellent tandems.

Santana XL Noventa. Lightly used. $3,500

Front fits inseams 86-95cm, while the rear fits inseams 76-95cm, according to the sticker on the frame.

The Santana Noventa tandem frame is made from Columbus double-butted Niobium-Vanadium and Columbus MegaSize steel tubing, all drawn to Santana's specifications.

The iridescent paint is Chameleon Pearl Dupont Imron


Santana Noventa

Ready to ride, even has fenders and rack.

Santana Noventa tandem

Another view of the complete bike

Santana Noventa

And from the front. You'll note in every picture the bike's beautiful iradescent paint looks a bit different. In real life it's a stunner!

Santana Noventa

The gearbox: A super-adavanced Shimano XT Shadow rear derailleur moves the chain across 10 cogs.

Santana Noventa

The stoker's crankset. Plenty of low and high gears to get up and down the hills.

Santana Noventa

The left side

Santana Noventa

The front half. A close looks shows all the thought that went into the design of this bike. And, it's all beautifully executed.

Santana Noventa

10-speed carbon Ergopower. No corners cut here.

Burley "Samba" tandem. Used, $1,500.00
Our Burley Samba is 53.5cm (21 inch) front x 47cm (18.5 inch) stoker. The captain’s top tube is 58cm.

Burley is an Oregon company that became famous making children's bike trailers. The firm expanded into bicycles, tandems, recumbents. In 2006 Burley changed hands, converting from a worker-owned cooperative to a private corporation. At that point Burley stopped making bicycles, including tandems.

Burley "Samba" specs:

Burley Tandem

Comfortable saddle and handlebar set-up

Burley tandem

View of the front and the Avid "V" brakeset. The Cross Bite tires are original and they still look like new.

Burley tandem

The controls: Ritchey Force bars with Grip-shift gear changers and Avid brake levers.

Burley Forks

The forks: made with proprietary True-Temper fork blades.

Burley tandem rear view

Rear view

Burley tandem

Close-up of the drive train showing how little wear the bike has.

Burley tandem

The left side cranks

Front cranks

Front crank, showing the high-quality TIG welds. Also note the pump peg.