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Torelli Mountain Bike, prototype built by Richard Cunningham

Complete Torelli mountain bike. Used. $399.00

42.5cm seat tube (center to center) x 57cm top tube (measured level from head tube)

This Torelli mountain bike frame was built by Richard Cunningham, of Mantis fame. It was built for Bill McGann, who was then owner of Torelli Imports and was seeking help in designing a mountain bike. He went to the very best, Richard Cunningham, who was then the owner of Mantis Mountain bikes. Mr. Cunningham built this frame for McGann in the mid-1980s.

McGann had The Cyclesmiths paint shop give it a super 3-color Dupont Imron paint job.

The bike has not been ridden in over 12 years and is being sold only because health concerns prevent McGann's properly enjoying this wonderful piece of the framebuilder's art. A bike this good should be ridden.

  • It has no tubing sticker, but we are pretty sure it is Tru-Temper Steel
  • Fork: Rock Shox Mag 20. The fork has never been serviced
  • Group: A mix of Sachs high-end components. New Success hubs and 175mm cranks, Neos Derailleurs
  • Bottom bracket: SKF sealed bearing
  • Shifter: Sachs Extreme twist grip
  • Bars: SR Titanium
  • Seat post and stem: Control Tech
  • Headset: Rudelli roller bearing
  • Rims: Torelli, made by Ambrosio. Front is hardened Durex treated.
  • Brake calipers: Dia Compe 986 cantilevers

Torelli Mountain bike

It is trail or road ready. Seat bag with flat repair kit, water bottle and pump are included.

Torelli mountain bike

The front derailleur is top pull. But Mr. Cunningham included a pulley for bottom-pull derailleurs. Rear wheel has alloy nipples.

Torelli mountain bike

The front end

Torelli mountain bike

Close-up of the cockpit.


The drivetrain. It has a freewheel, not a cassette hub. Those are Torelli chainrings mounted on Sachs New Success cranks.

Torelli mountain bike

From the other side. That's a Guyo pump, which became the Torelli Mountain Bike Bike Pump, and its bracket attaches on the water bottle cage bolts. The bottle cage is stainless steel.