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Bicycle lights & lighting

On this page: Tacx Lumos bar-end lights | Cateye Reflex tail light | Cygolite 10-watt, 6-volt low beam bulb

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Tacx Lumos bar-end lights. New, $25.00/set

Part# 02048

  • This is a light set design for drop bars. The lights replace the end plugs with a white light to the front and a red light to the rear from the same unit.
  • They also have a flashing 10-second turn-signal button.

Taxc lights

Clever bar-end plug replacements

Tacx handlebar lights

Another view

Cateye Reflex Tail light. New, $30.00

Part# 02065

  • A great light to attach to a luggage rack.

Reflex tail light

Rear rack bracket is included

Cygolite 10-watt, 6-volt low beam bulb. New, $20.00

Part# 02059

  • We have two in stock. One in a box, one unboxed.

About Cygolite. This is from the company's web site: Cygolite was founded along the foothills of Irvine, California in 1991 by a group of engineers with a passion for cycling. The company’s debut product, an LED blinking tail light, was an early success and paved the way for its first bicycle headlight. Becoming widely recognized in the industry, Cygolite built its reputation as an innovator and manufacturer of high quality, high value bicycle lighting systems.

Cygolite continues to press forward in designing and manufacturing advanced bicycle lighting systems. Every product is a milestone refined by 26 years of proven engineering, focus on high performance, and exceptional value.

Cygolite buld

New, in the box

Cygolit bulb

Just the thing to stay safe at night