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Brooks Bicycle Saddles

Brooks saddles on this page: B17 | Swift w/Titanium rails

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Brooks England is one of the oldest companies in cycling. Though the English company had been making leather goods since 1866, it began making bicycle saddles in the 1880s.

The story is that saddle manufacturer John Boultbee Brooks found the wooden seat on his bicycle very uncomfortable, and figured out how to make a leather saddle by stretching leather between a rear plate and a nose piece which were attached to a pair of steel rails.

The firm thrived and was purchased by Raleigh, then the largest bicycle company in the world, in 1962. The Raleigh Bicycle Company failed in 1999. Brooks was purchased from the collapsed company and production continued in England.

A couple of years later Selle Royal of Italy bought Brooks. The factory remains in West Midlands, England, though it is managed from Selle Royal's headquarters in Pozzoleone, Italy.

Though a leather saddle is hardly the lightest seat one can put on a bike, it has one huge advantage. A properly cared for leather saddle will mould itself to the rider's body. For some riders there is no saddle comfort like that of a well-made leather saddle that has shaped itself to the rider after he has ridden it for thousands of miles.

Brooks B17 Honey leather saddle. New, $150.00

Part# 40148

  • We believe the Brooks B17 leather saddle to be the oldest continually manufactured bicycle part in the world. The first B17s were made in the mid 1890s. Those early B17s were wider than current production. The design has been refined over the many decades of its production.
  • The B17 was the saddle of choice for many pro racers from the 1920s and into the early 1970s. It remains the flagship Brooks saddle.
  • This is a honey-colored B17.

Brooks B17 saddle

New, in the box

Brooks B17 saddle

Out of the box. The embossed Books logo can be seen. The saddle comes with a tension wrench.

Brooks Swift Titanium-rail saddle with cover. New, $300.00

Part# 40206

  • Rails are Titanium
  • Weight: Around 390-400 grams
  • Honey colored

Brooks describes the Swift saddle thus:
The handsome Swift is the youngest gentleman's racing saddle in the Brooks range. It features delicately hand skived lower sides, where a thin stripe of the leather top surface is cut back, thus exposing the lighter coloured suede beneath which makes for an attractive visual accent and greater comfort when pedalling.

The large copper rivets at the nose and tail are also hammered by hand, commensurate with Brooks' usual high level of attention to detail. As is the case with all of their hand manufactured saddles, the Swift proudly sports a metal nameplate at the rear and two embossed graphic details on the sides featuring the saddle name and incorporating an icon of a Swift in flight.

Swift Titanium saddle

New, in the box.

Swift Titanium

The famous Brooks name-plate can be seen riveted to the back.

Swift saddle cover

And it comes with a saddle cover.