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Used Water bottle cages

Used water bottle cages on this page:
Arundel: Arundel Chrono carbon-fiber cage
Cobra: Silver alloy cage
T.A. Steel cage

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Arundel Chrono carbon-fiber bottle cage. Used, $25.00

Arundel cage

Using an Arundel bottle and cage on the downtube actually improves your bike's aerodynamics.

Arundel cage

Side view

Cobra silver alloy cage. Used, $25.00

Made in Italy.

Cobra Alloy Cage

Full view

Cobra alloy cage

Closeup. It is a Cobra cage.

T.A. Chrome-plated steel water bottle cage. Used, $25.00

There a time when it seemed all pro bikes used this cage.

TA Steel downtube cage

Full view

TA bottle cage

The T.A. logo barely shows in this close-up