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Vintage Components - Campagnolo Bottom Brackets

On this page: Nuovo Record 68 x 115 spindle | Nuovo/Super Record 68 x 120 triple spindle | Nuovo Record English bottom bracket | Euclid Italian bottom bracket | Athena Italian bottom bracket

Campagnolo Nuovo/Super Record bottom bracket spindle. 68mm bracket width x 115mm spindle length - $35.00

This spindle dates to sometime in the late 1970s. It will work in English and French-threaded bottom brackets.

Campagnolo Nuovo record spindle

The bearing surface is in great condition

Nuovo Record/Super Record English triple spindle, 68 x 120. used, $100.00

Campagnolo spindle

The bearing surfaces are in wonderful condition.

Campagnolo triple spindle

It's a bit hard to read the top numbers. They are: 68-SS-120. Below them: X3-Z

Nuovo Record English bottom bracket (1.370 x 24), 68 mm spindle. Used $100.00

This bottom bracket will work on Gran Sport, Nuovo Record and Super Record cranksets. This bottom bracket was produced into the late 1987. Though used, the bearing sufaces are in execellent condition. This bottom bracket will give years of good service.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record bottom bracket

Great condition. Still the classic, perfect bottom bracket.

Campagnolo bottom bracket

Though decades old, it's still ready to give years of service.

Euclid MTB Italian bottom bracket: 36 x 24 cups (Italian threads), 132mm symmetrical spindle. New in box. $49.99

The Euclid group was Campagnolo's 1989 foray into MTB components. The result was a groupset some thought too beautiful to be ridden off-road. But the group's function was superb.

The spindle had an interesting Campagnolo innovation. The rider could inject grease into the side (crank bolt holes) of the hollow spindle and the grease would slowly make its way out a small hole in the enlarged spindle center, and from there, to the bearings. The cups have double seals to keep out water and dirt.

Euclid Italian-threaded bottom bracket

Euclid Italian-threaded bottom bracket, new in the box.

Athena Italian bottom bracket: 36 x 24 threaded cups (Italian threads), 115mm spindle. New in box, $75.00

This bottom bracket was produced in the late 1980s. It is for an Italian threaded, 70mm bottom bracket shell.

Campagnolo Athena Italian bottom bracket

New in the box