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Vintage Components - Campagnolo Brakes

On this page:Campagnolo Record Delta Brakes

Until Campagnolo set the world on its ear with it Record sidepull brakes in 1968, high-performance brakes were centerpull. The most notable centerpull was the Mafac Racer, made famous by five-time Tour de France winner Jacques Anquetil.

Since then, Campagnolo brakes have been sought-after works of functional art.

Campagnolo Record Delta Brakeset, new in the box. $1,000.00

You can see these distinctive, beautiful brakes from a million miles away. Campagnolo introduced these brakes in 1984, but did not make them available to the public until 1986.

The internal actuating mechanism hidden by the "Delta" triangular cover is interesting. It is a hinged parallelogram that increases the brake lever's mechanical advantage the closer the pads come to the rim. In other words as the pads come together, the calipers have more leverage.

Our set is very rare, a new-in-the-box brakeset. Never mounted. Ever.

Campagnolo Delta brakes

The Record Deltas have hidden springs, making for a flawless appearance.

Campagnolo Delta Brakes

New in the box, beautiful, ready for your dream bike.

Campagnolo Delta brakes

Even the backs of these brakes are a joy to look at. Note, the original cables are in the box.