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Vintage Components - Campagnolo Brakes

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Until Campagnolo set the world on its ear with it Record sidepull brakes in 1968, high-performance brakes were centerpull. The most notable centerpull was the Mafac Racer, made famous by five-time Tour de France winner Jacques Anquetil.

Since then, Campagnolo brakes have been sought-after works of functional art.

Campagnolo Record Delta brake pads. New pair, $150.00

Campagnolo Delta brake pads

New, never been mounted.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record sidepull brakeset, part #2040, standard reach calipers. Barely used. $400.00

Part# BR-05

When Campagnolo introduced its sidepull brakes in 1968, every serious bikie had to have a set. They had thick, stiff forged arms that delivered just enough mechanical advantage to supplant the still more powerful center-pull brakes serious riders then used. And, Campagnolo solved the age-old problem of keeping sidepull brakes centered with its star washer (two on the front caliper).

Though they were far and away the best, they were expensive. Many production pro bikes of the era would keep the final retail price down on an otherwise full-Campangolo bike by using Universal or Weinmann brakes.

Specs: Made to 1978 Campagnolo Specifications.

Nutted center bolts, nyloc fixing nuts. Standard reach calipers have a reach of 50mm to 65mm from the center of the center bolt.

These brakes have domed quick-release levers on the calipers and coated brake shoe wheel guides, allowing them to conform to the U.S. Government CPSC rules. That makes them 1978 production or later. The brake levers have the "shield-winged wheels" logo. We're guessing this is a set produced about 1985.

Take a close look at the photos below. Our set is in stunning condition.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record brakeset

This has to be one of the finest pieces of bicycle component design in the history of the bicycle.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record brake calipers

Ready to mount on that vintage bicycle you're putting together.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record brakeset lever

Full disclosure: One of the hoods has a small tear.

NR lever hoods

For an extra $20 we can supply new aftermarket lever hoods made by Soma

Campagnolo Nuovo Record brake levers.

Set 1 (for parts) | Set 2 | Set 3

We have excellent aftermarket replacment hoods for Campagnolo levers. These Soma-made hoods are $20.00. When you buy a set of Campangolo brake levers, or just need a set of hoods, let us know if you want a pair.

Nouvo Record lever hoods

Just what the doctor ordered to make that restoration job come to life.

Campagnolo Record brake levers, 1st generation, for parts only. used $100.00

These levers are from the first run of Campagnolo brakes in 1968. They can be identified because the front vertical "Campagnolo" engraved on the levers is closer to the top of the lever. And, in the back there is a hole rather than a "U"-shaped opening to feed the cable into the lever.

These levers are not operational. They are being sold for their parts to repair other levers. The screw that secures the pivot shaft is missing on one lever. Also, one lever has a replacement 10mm nut rather than the stock 8mm nut that is used to tighten the lever to the bars.

Campagnolo Record repair levers

Levers from the first year of brake production, can be used for parts.

Nuovo Record levers

The levers from the other side

Nuovo record levers

Inside the levers, The one on the right is missing the screw that secures the pivot shaft and has a non-stock 10mm nut

Campagnolo Record brake levers. used $125.00

Record lever set #2

We date these levers to the late 1970s or early 1980s.

We can supply after-market lever hoods for these levers. If you are interested, please ask.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record brake levers

Wonderful condition. And hoods are available.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record brake levers

And from the side.

Campagnolo Record brake levers. used $125.00

Record lever set #3

We date these levers to the late 1970s or early 1980s.

We can supply after-market lever hoods for these levers. If you are interested, please ask.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record brake levers

A few scratches, but in generally good condition

Campagnolo Nuovo Record brake levers

From the side

Campagnolo Nuovo Record braqke levers

And from the other side.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record original brake lever hoods. used, $50.00

Part# campy-hood-u78

These are the real thing, made by Campagnolo

Campy lever hoods

They were stored in Talc.

Campy Lever hoods

And there are a few tears.

Campagnolo lever hoods

Another detail shot.