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Drum brakes and drum brake parts

On this page: Arai drum brake shoes | Burley Arai drum brake QR kit

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A hub brake has brake shoes that press against the inside of a drum, usually part of a hub. A drum brake, especially on a tandem, has several advantages. Water has little effect on its performance. Drum brakes can build up and dissipate heat without overheating the tire, though a drum brake can overheat and fade.

Arai drum brake shoes. New, $50.00

Part# 84195

Arai drum brake shoes

Burley Arai drum brake QR kit. New, $20.00

Part# 84198

Mounting these parts makes it much easier to remove a rear wheel equipped with an Arai drum brake.

Arai Burley QR kit

We can thank Burley for making Arai drum brakes easier to use.