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Vintage Components - Campagnolo cranksets

On this page:Super Record 170 crankset | Triomphe 170 crankset

Campagnolo Super Record Crankset: 170mm arms w/ 42-52 rings - $200.00

Campagnolo introduced Super Record components in 1973. They were updated versions of Nuovo Record.

The cranksets used the same arms as Nuovo Record, but featured lightened chainrings with cutouts and were without the reinforcing inner strut.

We can date this crankset because it reads "Patent Campagnolo" rather than "Brev. Campagnolo". The change to "Brev. was made in 1978. So this crankset, which features the earlier beautiful fluted arms as well, was made between 1973 and 1978.

Campagnolo Super Record Crankset

This is probably the most beautiful crankset ever produced.

Campagnolo Super Record crankset

This crankset is in lovely condition. Perfect for that cherished restoration project

Campagnolo Triomphe Crankset, 170mm cranks, 42-53 rings. $60.00

Triomphe components were introduced by Campagnolo in 1985 and were produced until the late 1980s

Triomphe crankset

Triomphe cranks have a 116 circle diameter, allowing chainrings as small as 36

Triomphe crankset

Back side of the cranks, showing traditional square taper for the spindle.