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Vintage Components - Campagnolo cranksets

Cranksets on this page: Gran Sport 3-Arm 170 | C-Record 170 | C-Record 180 | C-Record 53-tooth ring | Athena 172.5 | Victory 170 | Triomphe 170

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Campagnolo Gran Sport 3-arm alloy 170mm crankset. Used. $200.00

Part# CK-03

Chainrings are 42-52.

Campagnolo produced this crankset with both steel and alloy arms (ours has alloy arms).

Production of this crankset began in the mid-1970s and ended in 1981. In 1982 a 5-arm version was introduced. Our crankset is date-stamped 1977.

We believe this crankset was only made with 170mm crankarms.

These cranksets are rare. If you are looking to build a quality vintage bike that is different from everyone else's, this is the crankset for you.

Bolt circle diameter is 116mm. It uses a square taper spindle of either 112 or 113mm

Campagnolo Gran sport crankset

This rare beauty has been only lightly used, as the pictures show.

Campagnolo Gran Sport 3-arm crankset

From the back.

Campagnolo C-Record Crankset, 170mm arms, 39-53 rings. Used, $250.00

Part# CK-05

This might be the most beautiful crankset ever made. The rings are mounted to the spider's four arms plus a fifth mounting bolt hidden on the backside of the crank arm.

Ours is lightly used (the chainrings show very little wear), with some light scuffing on the arms. The laser-etched Campagnolo logo is in perfect shape on both arms.

That laser-logo allows us to broadly date this cranks as probably being made in the late 1980s.

The arms have self-extracting/mounting 7-mm Allen bolts. The arms are made for an ISO square-taper spindle

Campagnolo C-Recor crankset

Italian design at its best.

C-Record crankset

The set, showing the very light wear on the chainrings.

C-Record crankset

The back side showing the crankarm mount for the fifth chainring bolt. Again, the set's wonderful condition can be seen.

Campagnolo C-Record Crankset, 180mm arms, 41-53 rings. New, $400.00

Part# CK-06

This is a second-generation C-Record (or Corsa Record) crankset. They came with a screened-on logo and crankarm length. This version was produced from 1987 to 1994.

It is made for a 111mm square-taper (ISO) spindle. Bolt circle diameter is 135mm.

For those vintage parts buffs, we believe this is the newest Campagnolo Record crankset allowed under the Eroica ride rules.

Campagnolo C-Record 180 crankset

New, just out of the box, and ready to look beautiful on your bike

Campagnolo 180 mm crankset

The back side, showing the crankset's pristine condition

Campagnolo C-Record 53-tooth AS ring with serrated fixing nut. used $70.00

Part# CR-01

Campagnolo produced the C-Record (for Corsa Record) crankset from 1987 to 1994.

The crankset was an elegant, sleek design. The large ring requires a special serrated nut to hold the bolt that fits under the arm. This ring comes with that special nut.

Campagnolo C-Record ring

The special serrated nut can be seen at 5 o'clock. The chainring cannot be mounted without one.

Chainring detail

Close-up showing both the Campagnolo production stamp and the ring's wear.

Campagnolo c-record chain ring

Another view of the teeth. Many miles left in this ring.

Campagnolo Athena Crankset, 172.5mm arms, 42-52 rings. used $110.00

Part# CK-80

This crankset was produced between 1995 and 1999. Campagnolo positioned Athena components just below Chorus. In 2000 Campagnolo replaced Athena with Daytona components.

The inner chainring of this crankset is new. The outer ring has little wear.

Campagnolo athena crankset

Campagnolo gave the arms a silver-painted finish.

Campagnolo Athena crankset

Athena crankset from the back.

Athena left crank arm

Full disclosure: the left arm has a scratch.

Campagnolo Victory Crankset, 170mm arms, 42-53 rings. used, $70.00

Part# CK-09

Victory components were officially produced from 1985 (though some were made in 1984) until 1988. The Victory crankset has self-extracting Allen crank-arm bolts. The Victory crankset was made only with 170mm arms.

Campagnolo Victory crankset

The Victory crankset offered high performance and a wide range of chainrings. As the photo shows, the Allen extractor bolts have been rounded.

Campagnolo Victory crakset

From the back. The self-extracting crank bolts can be seen.

Victory crankset

Close-up of the teeth. There are a lot of good miles left in this cranks.

Campagnolo Victory crankset

The chainrings from the front.

Campagnolo Triomphe Crankset, 170mm arms, 42-53 rings. used. $60.00

Part# CK-10

Triomphe components were introduced by Campagnolo in 1985 and were produced until the late 1980s

Triomphe crankset

Triomphe cranks have a 116 circle diameter, allowing chainrings as small as 36

Triomphe crankset

Back side of the cranks, showing traditional square taper for the spindle.