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SR - Sakae Ringyo cranksets

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Despite its dominance in the mid-1980s SR (Sakae Ringyo), has left only a faint historical footprint. It looks like the firm began in the mid-1960s. As Japanese bikes began to dominate the American consumer market in the 1970s, it seemed that most of the bikes were SR crank-equipped. The firm earned it business. From the least expensive to the top-of-the-line, SR cranks were well-made.

Hammered by Shimano's market dominance, the once powerful SR was acquired by Mori industries in 1987. The next year, the new SR purchased another formerly mighty Japanese component maker, SunTour. The resulting firm was renamed SR-SunTour.

In 1994, faced by ever-declining sales, Mori contemplated closing the firm. Instead, it was purchased by management and now SR and SunTour parts are made in Taiwan.

SR Super Apex-5 Racing Crankset, 170 arms, 39-52 rings. $80.00, used

Part# CK-53

The Super Apex-5 forged crankset dates to the early 1980s. It has a top-end finish, quite reminiscent of the SR Royal professional cranks of a slightly earlier era.

Note the "Super" in the product name. This means it is a forged crankset with the chainrings bolting on to an integral (not swaged-on) spider.

  • It has a 110 BCD spider
  • SR made chainrings from 36 teeth to 54 for this crankset.
  • It is made for square-taper spindles
  • This crankset was made only in 170mm arm lengths.
  • Crankset weight: about 620 grams (22oz)

SR Super Apex-5 crankset

Crank-arm fixing bolts are included. The large chainring is drilled for a chainguard. The left dust cover was made for Takagi cranks.

SR Super Apex crankset

From the back

SR Super Apex crankset

Close-up of the chainring teeth, showing they have many more miles left in them.

SR Silstar Motobecane 170mm crankset, 42-53 rings. Used, $50.00

SR produced the Silstar crankset for a long time, make small changes every few years. We believe this version, made for French bicycle maker Motobecane, was produced sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

SR Silstar crankset

Lightly used, it will look good on any bike.