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Vintage Components - Specialities T.A. cranksets

On this page: T.A. Professional (3-pin) 170 crankset

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Specialities T.A. is a French component maker founded in 1947 by brothers Georges and Louis Navet.

Before moving on, we'll answer the question almost everyone asks. What does the "T.A." stand for? The brothers originally intended to make a front-wheel drive bicycle, in French "traction avant". The brothers never pursued their original inspiration, but almost three-quarters of a century later, the name has still stuck.

Instead, the brothers began making chainrings that would fit the Stronglight 49D crankset. From there, they branched out into their own cranksets, pedals (with needle bearings), bottles, shoe cleats and other items.

The Navets started in Clamart, just southwest of Paris. Since 2010, the T.A. factory is in Sissone, between Paris and the Belgian border.

The various cranks T.A. produced usually had a very small "Q Factor", the distance between the outside of one crank to the outside of the other.

T.A professional 3-pin crankset, 170mm arms, 42-52 rings. $119.00

Part# CK-60

T.A. Cranksets can be spotted a mile away by their beautiful, polished finish. Our set is in lovely condition with very little wear on the rings. You can still see the machinist's turning marks on the teeth.

The 3-pin Professional model we have here was introduced about 1970 and has a BCD of 116mm. We don't know when production of this versatile crankset ceased, but it has been a while.

TA Professional crankset

Note that not only is the crankset in excellent condition, we have the dust covers and the crank fixing bolts.

Back of TA Crankset

Back of the crank showing the fixing bolts as well as the crankset's overall excellent condition.