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Components - Campagnolo modern front derailleurs: Racing T (Triple)

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Racing T triple front derailleurs on this page: Braze-on | Braze-on lightly used | Clamp-on 28.6mm | Clamp-on 32.0mm

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Campagnolo vintage front derailleurs can be found here.

Racing T front derailleurs are for triple cranksets and were made for 8 and 9-speed systems. They were introduced in 1995.

We can change any of these derailleurs from braze-on to clamp-on or vice-versa, or from one clamp size to another. If you see a derailleur on this page that you like, but want a different mount, just let us know. We'll make it the way you want it for a labor charge of $25.00.

Racing T braze-on front derailleur. New, $150.00

Part# 75394

We have twelve in stock

Racing T front derailleru

The nice finish on a Racing T front derailleur lets it fit in with any group.

Racing T front derailleur

And of course it will come in this nifty Campagnolo factory box.

Racing T braze-on front derailleur. Lightly used, $100.00

Part# 75394-LU

Racing T front derailleur

It has seen a little use.

Racing T 28.6mm clamp-on front derailleur. New, $150.00

Part# 75376

Raing T front derailleur

Racing T front derailleurs are nicely finished and will go with any Campy group.

Racing T frnt derailleur

And it's new, in the box.

Racing T 32.0mm clamp-on front derailleur. New, $150.00

Part# 75391

Racing T front derailleur

Made for a 32.0mm seat tube

Campagnolo Racing T front derailleur

Another view, with its factory box.