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Vintage Components - Shimano Front Derailleurs

Shimano rear derailleurs

Front derailleurs: Dura-Ace clamp-on | 600 clamp-on | Ultegra Braze-on

Shimano Dura-Ace front derailleur clamp-on, 28.5 mm

Part# FD-60

We believe this is a rare, first-generation Shimano Dura-Ace front derailleur. It was probably made 1973 - 1974. The introduction of Shimano Dura-Ace coincided with Campagnolo's release of its Super-Record group. The high-end bike business suddenly got much tougher.

Shimano Durace Ace front derailleur

First generation Dura-Ace parts were the first truly professional components to come from Asia. They would not be the last.

Shimano Dura-Ace front derailleur

These derailleurs were designed for five and six-speed systems.

Shimano 600EX Arabesque front clamp-on derailleur, 28.6

Part# FD-61

Technically, this is a Shimano FD-6200, but it is better known as a Shimano 600EX Arabesque (for its decorative engraving) front derailleur. They were produced fromt 1978 to 1984.

Shimano 600 EX front derailleur

These super-shifting front changers weigh in at about 110 grams

Shimano 600 front derailleur

Top view. There is a little rust, but very little wear.

Shimano Ultegra FD-6401 braze-on front derailleur. used. $30.00

Part# FD-62

This derailleur was produced 1992-1997.

Weight: about 100 grams

This FD-6401 was introduced to work on 8-speed groups.

Shimano Ultegra front braze-on derailleur

Ultegra components have a high level of finish.

Shimano Ultegra front derailleur

And it looks just as good from the back.