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Vintage Components - Campagnolo rear derailleurs

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On this page, Campagnolo rear derailleurs: Gran Sport | Nuovo Record | C-Record 1st generation | C-Record 8-speed | Victory 1st generation

Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur, probably early 1960s. Chrome-plated bronze. $130.00

Gran Sport rear derailleur | Nuovo Gran Sport rear derailleur

The Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleur was Tullio Campagnolo's brilliant application of the deforming parallelogram rear derailleur design. He didn't invent it, he just did it better than anyone else. Because of that superiority, it became the professional racer's derailleur of choice. Though there were several early designs, even one with two cables, the one shown here is the definitive design. It came out in 1953 and was made until it was replaced by the Nuovo Record in 1967.

Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur

Famed cycle illustrator Daniel Rebour's drawing of the Gran Sport rear changer

Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur

And here is the one we have for sale. Though in wonderful condition, it does have cracked pulley wheels

Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur

Side view of this historic piece of cycling history

Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur

Back view. Note the engraving that says the derailleur is designed to work on freewheel cogs from 14 up to 26 teeth (denti)

Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport rear derailleur. $55.00

The Nuovo Gran Sport rear derailleur was produced from 1974 to 1985. It had the same geometry as the Nuovo Record and performed identically. It just didn't have the same high level of finish. Ours must have been made in the 1980s, given the adjusting screw protectors. Also, it has red anodized Bullseye sealed-bearing pulleys for less friction. Ours is in great condition and is perfect for that pro or semi-pro Italian bike restoration.

Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport rear derailleur

More than 30 years old, yet still in wonderful condition.

Side view

Side view

Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleurs

We have several, sorted by year of production: 1973 | 1974 | 1981

This may well be the most famous derailleur in the history of cycling, the Campagnolo Nuovo Record. When Campagnolo released this beautiful piece of machinery in 1967, it replaced the Gran Sport as the derailleur of choice for racing cyclists around the world. It is light, simple, incredibly strong and reliable. This was the derailleur of Eddy Merckx in his prime.

Eddy Merckx

1973 Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur: $70.00

Eddy Merckx in the 1969 Giro d'Italia using a Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur just like the one pictured below.

Campagnolo rear derailleur

Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur in lovely condition

Campagnolo rear derailleur

Ours was made in 1973

Campganolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur

Despite its age, it's in wonderful condition.

1974 Nuovo Record rear derailleur. $50.00

Campagnolo nuovo record rear derailleur

And here's a Nuovo Record rear derailleur made in 1974

Campagnolo 974 Nuovo Record rear derailleur

And the date stamp, also showing its lovely condition

Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur

Well, it's a flawed masterpiece. It has a cracked jockey wheel.

1981 Nuovo Record rear derailleur. $80.00

Campagnolo Nuovo Record 1981 rear derailleur

The first sign of rough use or crashing is a scuffed-up fixing bolt. This one looks great

1981 Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur

The production year is clearly stamped

Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur

It does have a cracked pulley wheel

C-Record 1st generation 7-speed rear derailleur. Used, $175.00

Faced with growing competition from Japan, in 1985 Campagnolo updated its rear Super Record derailleur with this stunning work of art. The first ones had a dull finish and quickly Campagnolo started giving these lovely derailleurs the mirror finish you see in our example. Later versions of this derailleur have a sprung upper pivot. Ours is the first and more reliable version that has an unsprung upper pivot.

Campagnolo C-Record rear derailleur

Italian design at its artful and beautiful best.

C-Record rear derailleur

The back always gives away how much use a derailleur has had. You can see that our has very few miles.

Campagnolo 8-speed Record-C rear derailleur. New, but has been mounted on a bike. $200.00

This is a very early version of Campagnolo's double-sprung slant-parallelogram rear derailleur design. We date it about 1992. It is compatible with 8-speed Ergo shifters, 8-speed Syncro downtube shifters as well as Campagnolo retro-friction shifters.

Campagnolo 8-speed rrear derailleur

Nice and shiny

Campagnolo 8-speed rear derailleur

Back view. Please forgive the odd angle, but this shot clearly shows the derailleur's workings. The inner cage shows a chain had rubbed the cage when it was on a new bike.

Campagnolo Victory rear derailleur, 1st generation. Lightly used, $100.00

In the mid 1980s Campagnolo came out with two new component lines, Triumph and Victory. Victory was positioned just below C-Record. C-Record was Campy's top-of-the-line professional parts group.

This is a first-generation Victory rear derailleur, made about 1985. Later versions can be told by the "Campangolo" stamping in the main pivot bolts. The bolts on our example are smooth chrome.

For a fixed parallelogram derailleur, super shifting quality could be achieved with a Victory derailleur, especially on closer ratio freewheels. The mounting pivot stop can be adjusted, allowing the derailleur's angle to be set. This allows the mechanic to achieve the optimum distance of the jockey wheel from the freewheel.

Campagnolo Victory components had a lovely mirror finish and ours is in great condition.

Campagnolo Vicotry rear derailleur

Here's a good close-up

Campagnolo Victory rear derailleur

View of the derailleur's back. That back steel piece at the top pivot is the adjustable stop that can be set to optimize shifting according to the dropout angle and freewheel size.