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Vintage Components - SunTour rear derailleurs

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Suntour XC rear wide-range derailleur, approximately 1985

This is a simple, no-nonsense, supremely reliable wide-range rear derailleur.

When mountain bikes first hit, SunTour's answer was the MounTech. After listening to customers, SunTour redesigned it's high-end mountain bike rear derailleur and this XC rear was the result. Some called it over-designed. That's just fine with us. When you're out on the trail, strong and reliable are what you want.

It shifts well, has a 36-tooth rear cog capacity. This is a friction derailleur, made for traditional 3/32" chains.

SunTour XC rear derailleur

The spoke-side derailleur cage plate is steel. Total derailleur weight is about 250 grams.