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Vintage Components - SunTour rear derailleurs

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SunTour XC Expert Medium Cage rear derailleur. Used, $65.00

  • Double-sprung slant parallelogram
  • 8-speed SunTour Accushift or friction compatible
  • Produced early-mid 1990s
  • Was part of the SunTour XCE group

XC Expert rear derailleur

In lovely condition

XC Expert resr derailleur

And from the back

SunTour SL short cage rear derailleur. New, $100.00

Part# 75100

  • SunTour part# RD-SL00-SSB
  • Produced 1991 - 1994
  • 195 grams
  • SunTour Accushift index or friction
  • Designed to handle up to a 26-tooth rear cog

SunTour SL rear derailleur

Clean, neat, functional SunTour design

SunTour SL rear derailleur

From the back

SunTour SL rear derailleur

It is new, in the box.

SunTour X-1 long cage rear derailleur, used

  • The X-1 was part of a mid-level mountain bike group of the early 1990s (some cycle industry historians date it to the late 1980s)
  • It is SunTour Accushift Index or friction shifting compatible
  • Designed for 7-speed index systems
  • Both pivots are sprung
  • On most bikes it will handle a 32-tooth rear cog

We have two: X-1 derailleur #1 | #2

SunTour X-1 long cage rear derailleur #1. Used, $35.00

SunTour rear derailleur

Lightly used

Suntour x-1 derailleur

And from the back

SunTour X-1 long cage rear derailleur #2. Used, $35.00

SunTour X-1 rear derailleur

The pulleys show very little wear.

SunTour X-1 reaer derailleur

That the top pivot is sprung can be seen in this picture.

SunTour Sprint 9000 rear derailleur.

  • SunTour part#: RD-SP10-SSB
  • In 1987 SunTour redesigned the Sprint components. The rear derailleur got a new cage, parallelogram and name. It became the Sprint 9000. This new derailleur was produced from 1987 until 1990.
  • It will index 6 & 7 speed Accushift Winner Pro freewheels with the correct Sun Tour indexing levers.
  • SunTour's intention was for the Sprint components to compete against Shimano 600 and to fit between Sun Tour Superbe Pro and Cyclone lines.
  • Weight: 200 grams.

We have three: New | Lightly used | Used

Sprint 9000 rear derailleur. New in box. $100.00

Part# RD-83-N

Front view

Sprint 9000

From the back

Sprint 9000 rear derailleur

And it is new, in the box.

Sprint 9000 rear deraileur. lightly used, $100.00

Part# RD-83-LU

Suntour sprint 9000 rear derailleur

The pulleys show how little use this derailleur has had.

SunTour Sprint 9000 rear derailleur

And just as nice from the back.

Sprint 9000 rear deraileur. used, $50.00

Part# RD-83-U

Sprint 9000 rear derailleur

Used, but still works well.

Suntour sprnt rear derailleur

From the back

Sprint derailleur

And from the top

SunTour XCD 4050 long-cage rear derailleur. Used, $50.00

  • SunTour 6 or 7-speed Accushift or friction compatible
  • Produced about 1987


From the front

XCD 4050

And from the back

SunTour Alpha 5000 short-cage rear derailleur. Used, $40.00

  • SunTour part# RD-5000-SS
  • Produced around 1987
  • About 270 grams
  • SunTour Accushift index or friction shifter compatible

SunTour Alpha 5000 rear derailleur

From the front

SunTour rear derailleur

Amd from the back.

SunTour Alpha 5000 long-cage rear derailleur. Used, $50.00

  • SunTour part# RD-5000-GT
  • Produced around 1987
  • About 290 grams
  • SunTour Accushift index or friction shifter compatible

SunTour Alpha 5000 GC

Double sprung and index compatible

SunTour Alpha 5000

And from the back

Sun Tour BL GT wide-range rear derailleur. Used, $75.00

  • The "BL" stands for "Blue Line", a series of derailleurs intended to fit above the Vx and below the Cyclone derailleurs.
  • SunTour part# RD-3300
  • The BL derailleurs we made starting in 1981 and through at least 1984.
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Maximum cog size (according to Sutherland's 6th): 34 teeth
  • Though named "Blue Line", most BL derailleurs were made with black trim.

BL rear derailleur

This is a derailleur you won't see everyday. They are rather rare.

BL-GT rear derailleur

From the back. Nice condition.

Rear derailleur

Another view

SunTour VX-GT rear derailleur

  • The VX was introduced in either 1976 or 1977 and was produced into 1981.
  • The VX is essentially a slimmed-down SunTour V. It has more aluminum and has a neater, cleaner design.
  • Both of our VX rear derailleurs have been overhauled and are ready for use.

We have two, both lightly used. VX #1 | #2

SunTour VX rear derailleur #1. Lightly used, $50.00

Lightly used

And from the back. Note the open cage for ease in chain placement and removal.

SunTour VX rear derailleur #2. Lightly used, $50.00

SunTour derailleurs shift so sweetly

And from the back.

SunTour Cyclone Mark-II GT. Very lightly used, $60.00

  • SunTour part# RD-3700
  • Introduced in 1981
  • Will handle a 34-tooth rear cog
  • About 175 grams

The Mark-II Cyclone derailleurs were a response to Shimano's push into aerodynamic components. The derailleurs were given a smooth, more modern appearance. The result was a lovely piece of mechanical design that shifts superbly. The Disraeligears site calls it an "engineering tour-de-force".

Cyclone rear derailleur

Very simple, very neat, very good.

Cyclone rear derailleur

From the back

Mark 2 cyclone

From behind

SunTour Cyclone shortcage rear derailleur, 2nd-style. Used, $60.00

  • Produced about 1975
  • Made for a maximum cog of 26 teeth, but with a rear hanger dropping 32mm or more, it can handle a 28.
  • Weight: Only 179 grams
  • Has aftermarket Bullseye sealed bearing red alloy pulleys
  • This is the second version of the Cyclone.
  • This derailleur is a masterpiece of component design. The Cyclone probably shifted better than any derailleur in the world in 1976. The cable routing through the parallelogram is clever and simple.

SunTour Cyclone rear

This is about as good as a friction derailleur gets.

Cyclone rear derailleur

From the back


A close-up

SunTour AG super wide-range rear derailleur. Used, $50.00

Part# RD-85

In the early 1980s SunTour began producing extraordinarily wide-range freewheels, topping out at a 14-38 five-speed monster. That 38-toothed cog probably remains the largest rear cog to have been commercially available.

But how do you move the chain around such a stump-pulling gearset? The answer was the SunTour AG (for "Alpine Gear") rear derailleurs. We believe this model derailleur was produced from the late 1970s into the early 1980s.

Our AG is the summit of Sun Tour's wide-range derailleur production. We admit it's not pretty. But it is supremely effective. Though designed for 5-speed rear cogsets, on some bikes it is said to be capable of managing 8 or 9-speed cassettes.

It is almost entirely steel, except for the rear parallelogram body.

Before posting it for sale we overhauled it.

Suntour AG

If you have a big freewheel, here's your derailleur

Suntour Rear AG

and from the back

Suntour rear AG

Detail shot, showing the wear.