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Vintage Components - SunTour rear derailleurs

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Suntour XC rear wide-range derailleur, approximately 1985. New old stock

This is a simple, no-nonsense, supremely reliable wide-range rear derailleur.

We purchased this derailleur new, for shop stock, many years ago.

When mountain bikes first hit, SunTour's answer was the MounTech. After listening to customers, SunTour redesigned it's high-end mountain bike rear derailleur and this XC rear was the result. Some called it over-designed. That's just fine with us. When you're out on the trail, strong and reliable are what you want.

It shifts well, has a 36-tooth rear cog capacity. This is a friction derailleur, made for traditional 3/32" chains.

We have two, both new old stock: XC rear #1 | #2

Suntour XC rear derailleur #1. new old stock. $80.00

SunTour XC rear derailleur

The spoke-side derailleur cage plate is steel. Total derailleur weight is about 250 grams.

Suntour XC rear derailleur #2. New old stock. $70.00

Part# RD-81-02

SunTour XC rear derailleur

Though it has a few scratches, it is new and has spent the decades in our parts bin.

SunTour XC rear derailleur

From the back. Its newness can be clearly seen. No chain or spoke scratches.

SunTour Superbe Pro Gold/Black derailleur set. Short cage rear/braze-on front. Barely used. $150.00

This set was made about 1985.

Friction rear derailleur. It works well on rear freewheels up to 23 teeth.

This is how derailleurs should be made, with attention to every possible detail. The rear derailleur is only 185 grams. The rear derailleur's stainless steel pivot bolts can be unscrewed with a small Allen key for disassembly and cleaning. The frame-fixing bolt and pulley-wheel bolts are aluminum. The pulleys have sealed bearings.

These derailleurs are beautifully finished.

More than a few experts on the subject have written that the SunTour Superb Pro is the best friction rear derailleur ever made.

SunTour Superbe Pro gold derailleur set

Used, but just barely....

Rear derailleur

Close-up of the rear derailleur. It does have a few scratches.

Suntour superbe rear derailleur

From this angle the stainless-steel pivot bolts' allen-heads can be seen.

SunTour Suerbe front derailleur

And the back of the front derailleur.

SunTour Superbe Pro long cage rear derailleur. Used $100.00

Appproximately 1986

There are connoisseurs of friction shifting derailleurs who believe the Suntour Superbe Pro rear derailleur of the mid-1980s is the finest friction derailleur ever made. In addition to excellent design, the Superbe Pro derailleurs were made to very tight tolerances using the finest materials. The result: an accurately shifting derailleur that lasts a long time.

Our long-arm Superbe rear derailleur is a rare item. It isn't even listed in Suntour's catalogue. Speculation is that when Superbe GT was discontinued, to fulfill orders from companies like Cannondale who were using SunTour GT long-arm derailleurs, this derailleur was produced to fill those orders. The next year SunTour released the "Tech", indexed derailleurs.

This is a friction derailleur. It has a 36-tooth rear capacity and is made for traditional 3/32" chains.

Suntour superbe pro rear derailleur

The anodizing does have some scratches

Suntour Superbe Pro rear derailleur

A shot of the back of the derailleur shows it doesn't have many miles on it.

Suntour Superbe rear derailleur

Truth in advertising: Close-up of the scratches.

SunTour Superbe II long-cage friction rear derailleur. used $70.00

Part # RD-82-02

This derailleur was produced from the early to mid-1980s.

SunTour's part number is RD-5800.

We overhauled the pulleys before posting this derailleur for sale.

SunTour Superb rear derailleur

This angle shows the moving parts and their good condition.

SunTour Superbe rear derailleur

From the back. The pulleys look almost new.

SunTour rear derailleur

Detail shot of the parallelogram front.

SunTour Sprint 9000 rear derailleur. used $100.00

Part# RD-83

SunTour part#: RD-SP10-SSB

In 1987 SunTour redesigned the Sprint components. The rear derailleur got a new cage, parallelogram and name. It became the Sprint 9000. This new derailleur was produced from 1987 until 1990.

It will index 6 & 7 speed Accushift Winner Pro freewheels with the correct Sun Tour indexing levers.

SunTour meant for the Sprint components compete against Shimano 600 and to fit between Sun Tour Superbe Pro and Cyclone lines.

Weight: 200 grams.

Suntour sprint 9000 rear derailleur

The pulleys show how little use this derailleur has had.

SunTour Sprint 9000 rear derailleur

And just as nice from the back.