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Vintage Components - Regina Freewheels

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Regina, famed maker of high-performance chains and freewheels, got its start in 1919 in the northern Italian town of Merate. Merate is just south of Lake Lecco and north of Milan.

The company began by making chains and freewheels for bicycles and between the two World Wars began producing moped and motorcycle chains as well.

In the 1950s Regina moved into making industrial chains and after exiting the bicycle business sometime in the 1990s the firm has continued to expand and grow its large industrial chain production

Anyone building a high performance, Campagnolo-equipped bike during the 1960s, '70s and '80s knew that a Regina chain and freewheel simply had to be used. It was in the ether that Regina products worked best with Campagnolo drive-trains. While there were other fine drivetrain products, Regina chains and freewheels justifiably remain linked to the golden age of Italian bike making.

Regina Oro 5-speed 14-28 freewheel. used. $60.00

Part# FW-03

Regina freesheel

Classic 5-speed freewheel.

Regina freewheel

And from the bottom

Regina Oro 6-speed 14-24 freewheel. used. $60.00

Part# FW-06

Regina Or 14-24 freehweelo

This freewheel uses the superior splined removal tool, making servicing easier.

Regina oro freewheel

And from the back.

Regina BX 6-speed 14-24 freewheel. used. $50.00

Part# FW-01

Made for friction systems

REgina BX freewheel

The BX was a well-made freewheel

Regina BX freewheel

Top view

Regina BX freewheel

And from the bottom