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Vintage Components - ITM Super Italia Pro 260 handlebar

On this page: ITM Racing Super Italia Pro 260 handlebars: 40cm black | 42cm silver

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Italian component and frame maker ITM began as Italmanubri (italian handlebar) and renamed itself ITM in the early 1980s.

  • Bar clamp size: 26.0
  • Ergal 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Double grooved
  • Bars are measured end-to-end
  • 42 bar weighs 260 grams
  • This bar was manufactured in both silver and black

ITM Super Italia Pro 260 handlebar 40cm x 26.0 black. New $65.00

Part# 30419

We have two

ITM Super Italia handlebar

Double grooved with a nice anatomic bend.

ITM Pro 260

The center section with technical details

ITM Super Italia Pro 260 handlebar 42cm x 26.0 silver. New $65.00

Part# 30384

We have two

ITM Super pro handlebar

Nicely finished anatomic bar

ITM Super pro handlebar

The dimple at the top of the center section was put there by the mnaufacturer.