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Vintage Components - Cinelli Contact handlebars, 26.4mm bar diameter

On this page: Cinelli Contact 26.4 x 42cm handlebars

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Cino Cinelli's brother Giotto had been making steel stems since the late 1930s in Florence, Italy. They moved the business to Milan after the Second World War. In 1963 Cinelli began commercially producing alloy stems and matching handlebars and it wasn't long before Cinelli bar and stems became the choice of serious athletes and connoisseurs.

The 1A ("A" stood for aluminum) stem and Cinelli bars were first shown at a trade show at the 1960 Rome Olympics. We believe consumer production of these new aluminum stems and bars didn't begin until 1963.

Those first components had a polished, non-anodized finish. The classic clear anodization that gives Cinelli stems and bars that luxurious "milky" finish began in 1965.

Cinelli Contact handlebars, 42cm x 26.4 stem diameter. New, $79.95

Part# 30435

We have 10 in stock

284 grams

These are wonderfully anatomic bars with a specially shaped grip for the drops (see second pictures.

Cinelli Contact handlebars

Bars are grooved front and back for Ergo levers

Cinelli Contact handlebars

The drops are specially shaped.