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American Classic Headsets

American Classic headsets on this page: Trilock 1" threaded

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American Classic 1" threaded Trilock headset. New, $185.00

Part# 33135

From the website: [To solve the problem of threaded headsets coming lose], the Trilock basically uses two pieces which are threaded onto the steer tube, and then bolted to each other with the three cap screws. One piece acts as a cone for the bearing and the other locks to it. With the cups installed, the cone piece is threaded onto the steer tube and mates with the upper bearing. The locking part is then threaded onto the steer tube and tightened. The little cap screws are inserted in the three threaded holes in the upper piece and tightened against the lower cone. The screws contact the cone part of the assembly and lock everything together.

Trilock headset

New, in the box

Trilock headset

And some of the headset's insides