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Campagnolo Super Record 1" Italian threaded headset. Lightly used, $160.00

Part# HD-01

This 1" alloy headset has Italian threads, 25.4mm x 24tpi

Campagnolo produced this headset from the mid 1970s into the late 1980s.

Campagnolo Super Record headset

It's used but even the wrench flats are in great shape.

Campagnolo Super Record headset

The bearing surfaces are nice and smooth.

Campagnolo Chorus 1" English threaded headset - used, $110.00

Part# HD-02

This 1" alloy headset has English threads, 1" x 24 tpi

We date this headset to about 1996. The bearings feel very smooth. There are some wrench-flat nicks, but in general, this headset is in excellent condition.

Campagnolo Chorus headset

Perfect for the mid-90's restoration project.

Campagnolo Athena English-threaded road headset. Used, $50.00

Part# HD-03

The first run of Athena-level components was produced 1988-1999. Athena parts were positioned just below Chorus. Campagnolo began making Athena parts again in 2010. Our headset is from the earlier, vintage era.

Campagnolo Athena headset

The top alloy locknut has been replaced by a steel Record one.

Campagnolo Athena headset

There is some minor brinelling visible, but the bearings feel pretty good.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record #1039 English-threaded Strada headset. used, $40.00

Part# HD-04-03

It's quite impossible to date this headset, as Campagnolo produced it for many years, starting in the 1960s, on into the mid-1980s.

This 1" steel Nuovo Record headset has English threads: 1" x 24 tpi. - $40.00

It has some rust and the bearing surfaces have noticable brinelling. But we believe installing this headset with loose balls will yield a smooth headset.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record headset

Imperfect, but still highly serviceable.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record headset

The insides

Galli Super Sport 1" threaded headset. $95.00

Part# HD-05

This is a classic, simple steel threaded 1" headed made by the Italian Giovanni Galli company in the mid-1980s. The Galli firm started making bike parts in the 1930s, but really hit the big time in the 1980s. The Galli component line extended from the semi-pro level (Super Sport) to the most exotic titanium super-lightweight parts. Top pros such as Herman van Springel raced on Galli parts. But like so many European firms, they were unable to withstand the onslaught of Asian production. Galli closed its doors in 1989.

Galli Super Sport headset

A classic, steel threaded headset

Galli steel headset

Close-up of the raised Galli name