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Vintage Components - Campagnolo Hubs

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Tullio CampagnoloHere is the official story: The Campagnolo component company got its start in 1927 when a reasonably successful amateur racer name Gentullio Campagnolo was racing in the Gran Premio della Vittoria. On that November 11, "Tullio" Campagnolo (pictured on the left) was crossing the Croce d'Aune pass and needed to change gears. In those days, that meant loosening the rear wheel so that the chain could be moved to a different sized rear cog.

But this was November in the high Dolomite mountains. At 3,300 feet (1,015 meters), Campagnolo couldn't loosen the frozen wing nuts securing his rear wheel. He famously said to himself,"Bisogna cambià qualcossa de drio." (the dialect of his hometown Vicenza for "Bisogna cambiare qualcosa dietro", or "something must be changed in the rear"). Though Campagnolo did finish fourth in that race, what followed has affected nearly every rider of lightweight bikes.

He invented the quick-release hub skewer. With the flip of a lever, the wheel is loosened or tightened almost instantly.

In 1930 Campagnolo patented his brilliant invention and was soon having a local machine shop make his hubs.

Tullio Campagnolo

Campagnolo in his factory with and early version of of his gear-changing system. This photo is probably of Campagnolo around 1946-47.

Well... historians have gone back and looked again at the story. They find no record of a Gran Premio della Vittoria race in the Dolomites that November. There was one in 1925. And further, it is asserted that there is no 1930 Campagnolo patent for the quick-release. Modern historians say Campagnolo's quick-release patents are for improvements on an existing device.

In any case, by the mid 1930s Campagnolo was exporting his hubs, which were not particularly superior to his competition, except they had his superb quick release. Still, growth was slow. He didn't hire his first full-time employee until 1940.

It was after the war that Campagnolo's fertile genius (and he was a genius, let there be no doubt about that) and desire to make the world's finest parts caused the company to become the well-known and revered company it is today. In 1951 Hugo Koblet won the Tour de France using Campagnolo derailleurs.

Campagnolo went from strength to strength, creating one brilliant, beautifully designed and made component after another.

Campagnolo Hi-lo flange 36-hole hubeset - early 1980s. used, $550.00

36 hole, English threads (1.370 x 24). 120mm rear axle width for 5-speed freewheels.

The purpose of this design is to allow the wheelbuilder to give spokes on both the right and left sides closer to the same tension. Normally, because the rim is centered between the outside lock nuts and not the flanges, the drive side spokes are far tighter than the left side spokes. The HiLo hub was made as an attempt to reduce this difference.

Campagnolo first made these hubs in 1972 at the request of the German Olympic team. Then, intermittently, over the years a few more were made. Some think there were just two small production runs in the 1970s.

And then, surprise, they were included in the 1983 Campagnolo catalogue, called the "Olympic Catalogue". In that 1983 catalogue its part number is "HiLo".

There are no production numbers available from Campagnolo, but thoughtful researchers think that Campagnolo may have produced about 1,000 sets of these special hubs in the first two runs and then an unknown, but surely small number in the early 1980s. Who knows?

They are rare. That we do know.

Campangolo Hi-lo hubset

Rare and in lovely condition

Campagnolo 36-hole hi-lo hub

The rear hub. Rare, and beautiful.

Rear hub cloesup

Close-up of the rear, large flange.

Campagnolo hub

And the front hub.

Campagnolo Record low-flange 36-hole hubset, 126 mm rear axle, 6-speed.

The curved skewer levers say these hubsets were made after 1978. Record hubs of this basic design were produced into the 1980s.

We overhauled these hubs just before photographing them for posting.

We have three pair: Record hubset #1 | Record hubset #2 | Record hubset #3

Set 1: Campagnolo Record low-flange 36-hole hubset, 126 mm rear axle, 6-speed. Used. $170.00

Record 36-hole hubset

Freshly overhauled and in wonderful condition.

Campagnolo Record rear hub

Close-up of the rear hub.

Campagnolo Record front hub

And the front

Set 2: Campagnolo Record low-flange 36-hole hubset, 126 mm rear axle, 6-speed. Used. $170.00

Part# HB-02-03

Campagnolo Record hubset

The pair, cleaned & repacked

Campagnolo record rear hub

The rear

Campagnolo Record front hub

The front looks just as good.

Set 3: Campagnolo Record low-flange 36-hole hubset, 126 mm rear axle, 6-speed. Used. $170.00

Part# HB-02-05

1.370" x 24 tpi, BSC or English threaded

Campagnolo Record hub set

Repacked and ready for the road.

Campagnolo rear record hub

The rear hub

Campagnolo record front hub

And the front

Campagnolo Record low-flange 32-hole rear hub, 120mm axle, 5 Speed. New old stock. $150.00

Italian freewheel threads, 36 x 24.

Given the skewer and 120mm spacing, we guess-date this to the mid-1970s. Record hubs of this basic design were produced from 1967 into the 1980s.

Campagnolo Reocrd rear hub

Almost no marks on the hub from the previous wheel build. This is one sweet hub.

Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo large-flange 36-hole hubsets, 126mm rear axle.

We have two sets: Hubset #1 | Hubset #2

Campagnolo produced these Nuovo Tipo hubs in both large and small flange versions from 1967 until 1981.

Nuovo Tipo hubs were made with a 120mm 5-speed rear hub spacing. These sets have had their rear hub re-spaced to 126mm.

Nuovo Tipo hubs were part of the Gran Sport group, which eventually included pedals, crankset, control group, seat post, brakes and headset. They sat just below Nuovo Record in price and quality. Mechanics generally call them "Tipos".

The large-flange hubs are particularly easy to spot because the flanges have round rather than "kidney bean" shaped holes. Except, of course, for the few Nuovo Tipo hubs with kidney bean-shaped holes (with Campagnolo, never say "never").

The Nuovo Tipo hubs differed from the top-end Record hubs in just a few ways. The pressed in races were not precision machine ground (though the cones were). The skewers had simpler hardware. And the Record hub's little oil hole in the center of the hub that is covered up with a black circlip is not in the Nuovo Tipos.

Our experience has been that with use, the bearings of "Tipo" hubs get very smooth (as these have) and give very long life.

An added bit of fun: with Simichrome polish or its like, Nuovo Tipo hubs can be polished to a bright, chrome-like finish. Most modern Campagnolo hubs are anodized, so this is much harder to do on other models.

Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo 36 hole hubset # 1. Used $150.00

Part# HB-13-01

The rear hub has been converted to 126mm for 6 & 7 speed.

Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hubset

Nuovo Tipo 36-hole hubset

Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hubset

Another view of the pair.

Campagnolo Tipo rear hub

Close-up of the rear hub

Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hub

and the front.

Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo 36 hole hubset # 2. Used $150.00

Part# HB-13-02

Cleaned and rebuilt, ready for the road. The rear hub has been converted to 126mm for 6 & 7 speed.

Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hubset

The pair. The rear hub has some record part upgrades. See next picture below.

Nuovo tipo rear hub

The rear hub has a Record skewer and some Record axle pieces.

Campagnolo tipo hub

And the front hub.

Campagnolo Athena D300 32-hole hubset, 130mm rear axle. Lightly used. $150.00

Part# DH-18

Rear hub thread is English: 1.370 x 24

Campagnolo produced this hubset 1988 - 1991

These hubs have been overhauled. The original 126mm rear axle spacing has been extended to 130mm.

Athena hubs

The pair, showing their super condition.

Campagnolo Athena hub

The rear hub

Athena D300 front hub

And the front.

Campagnolo Athena 36-hole rear hub, 126mm axle. New, $90.00

  • Hub thread is English: 1.370 x 24
  • Campagnolo produced this hub 1988 - 1991

We have two, both new: Athena hub #1 | #2

Campagnolo Athena 36-hole rear hub, 126mm axle, #1. New, $90.00

Athena rear hub

English threaded, 126 axle

Campagnolo Athena hub

Another view

Campagnolo Athena 36-hole rear hub, 126mm axle, #2. New, $90.00

Athena rear hub

This hub has been waiting decades to be laced up and ridden.

Campagnolo Athena hub

Another view