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Shimano hubs

On this page: Deore LX Gold 32 & 36-hole freehub sets | 600 AX 32-hole front hub

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Shimano Deore LX Gold freehub sets, 32 & 36 hole. New, front $50.00, rear $80.00

Deore LX gold front hub

We have these hubs in 32 & 36 hole

Shimano Deore LX rear hub

The rear looks just as good.

Shimano 600 AX 32-hole front hub New. $40.00

The Shimano 600 AX group was an aerodynamic parts set that was produced 1981-1983.

The hubs have a beautiful design innovation. The cutouts in the hub flanges at the holes prevents the spokes from actually overlapping each other. This not only made the wheel more aerodynamic, Shimano claimed it increased the wheel's lateral stiffness.

Shimano 600 AX front hub

The cutouts in the flanges can easily be seen.

Shimano 600 AX front hub

Another shot of this rare hub