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Vintage Components - KKT (Kyokuto) pedals

On this page: KKT (Kyokuto) Pro Ace steel quill pedals

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KKT (Kyokuto) Pro Ace steel road quill pedals. Used, $80.00/set

  • Kyokuto was a Japanese maker of pedals. The Pro Ace model was made with both steel and black-anodized aluminum road & track cages.
  • These steel quill pedals are an almost perfect copy of Campagnolo.
  • We believe these were made in the 1970s or early 1980s.

KKT Pro Ace steel pedals

Lovely finish

KKT Pro Ace pedals

The pedals turned around. Note that the toe clip holes are threaded.

KKT Pro Ace pedals

The pedal bottoms. Rarely are pedal bottoms in this fine condition. It looks like the orginal owner avoided pedaling through corners.