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On this page: RXP-210 pedal set

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MKS (official name Mikashima Industrial Company, LTD) was started in 1949 in Saitama, Japan. Though cyclists know about the firm because of its first-class pedals, only about half of MKS's production is devoted to bicycle parts. The other half goes to the automotive industry.

MKS has made pedals for other firms, most notably, the beautiful ones they made for SunTour.

Though many high-end Japanese bicycle companies did not survive the combination of the Shimano onslaught and the movement of much cycle production to lower-cost China, MKS is still cranking out great pedals today.

MKS RXP-210 pedal set. Used, without cleats, $50.00

Note: Currently, we do not have MKS shoe cleats in stock.

When Shimano came out with its SPD system with its micro-cleats, MKS looked to produce an alternative, but comparable product. The result the RXP system. It's cheap, effective and the cleats will bolt onto the the same shoe-cleat holes that the Shimano SPD cleats use.

The MKS cleats allow five degrees of floating rotation.

But, the cleats themselves are not interchangeable. The MKS pedals require the MKS cleat. writes: "The MKS RXP-210 is a superbly built pedal that is physically no larger than an SPD pedal or cleat. These pedals are extremely affordable, though there is no compromise in the quality or functionality. The only reason they are as so well priced stems from the unrestrained competition surrounding their sale. The MKS pedals are imported by many importer/distributors who sell to retailers who compete against one another in price. The savings from the competition among sellers are passed on to the consumer. Remember, Shimano American is the only source for all retailers wanting to sell SPD, and this lack of competition is a noticeable factor in the price. The RXP-210 is the single sided Road version of the MXP- 110 mountain pedal set and use the same cleats with the same mechanical functionality. The pedal body is forged of aluminum in an aerodynamic shape that minimizes weight and ground contact. The top has a steel cleat cradle held by three bolts. The outer rear side of each pedal has the spring held retaining clamp. The spindle is made of chrome plated Cro-moly steel weighing 54 grams."

MKS pedals

These pedals have rubber O-rings to protect the bearings.