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For decades Atom was a French maker of pedals and freewheels. During the 1950s, '60s and early 70s Maillard purchased several French component makers, including Atom. Maillard then produced those components under its own name.

Maillard, derailleur maker Huret, and chain producer Sedis were bought by the German Sachs conglomerate around 1980. In the early-mid 1980s the company sold some parts under the Sachs-Maillard name before producing everything under the Sachs name.

In 2001 Sachs sold its bicycle component division to SRAM Corporation.

Maillard CXC pedals. Used, $150.00

We have two pair: #1 | #2

These pedals were made in the early 1980s

Maillard CXC pedal set #1, used $150.00:

Maillard CXC pedals

The toe clips are adjustable, so only one set is needed.

Maillard CXC pedals

The bottoms of the pedals.

Maillard CXC pedals

Close-up of the back of the pedal.

Maillard CXC pedal set #2, used $150.00:

Straps will be supplied with these pedals at no extra charge, though there are none in the pictures

Maillard CXC pedals

View of the pedal tops

Maillard pedals

The pedal bottoms

Maillard pedals

And from the back