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Cycle Components - Speedplay Pedals

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Speedplay clipless pedals are made in San Diego, California. The innovative design was patented in 1989 by Richard Byrne. The light, simple pedal system has its retention mechanism in the cleat. One advantage Speedplay offers is its incredible adjustability. The cleat position can be adjusted in three separate planes. A good fitter can often use this adjustability to help riders with chronic knee pain.

Another advantage for riders with joint problems is that Speedplay pedals do not have a spring-loaded self-centering action. Your feet are free to float without fighting the spring tension.

Some of the world's finest racers have used Speedplay pedals, including Cadel Evans, Fabian Cancellara, Jens Voigt, Taylor Phinney and Thor Hushovd.

Speedplay Zero road pedal set. lightly used, $100.00

  • Cleats not included
  • With pedal washers to protect the crank arm face or adjust Q-factor

Speedplay pedals

Barely used.

Speedplay Frog road pedal set. Used, $50.00

Here's what Speedplay says about its Frog pedal system: Not just a great off-road pedal system, Speedplay Frog pedals are ideal for road riders who prefer a recessed, walkable cleat. Like their amphibious namesake, Frog pedals are equally at home in dry or muddy terrain. Their unique cleats are virtually immune to clogging with mud or dirt, because debris is pushed out whenever you engage the pedal. This simple mechanism also puts an end to those infuriating falls caused by gunked-up pedals that won't release. You get out when you want to, and never when you don't. Of course, you also get all the advantages of Speedplay's other innovative designs: knee-friendly, non-centering free float; lightning-fast entry and exit; and phenomenal light weight. Whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike, tandem or 'cross bike, the Speedplay Frog can do it all.

Frog pedals

Left Speedplay road pedal. Used, $30.00

We have two, both without cleats Pedal #1 | #2

Left Speedplay pedal #1 Used, $30.00

Speedplay left pedal

Left only

Left Speedplay pedal #2 Used, $30.00

This pedal is missing its top cover

Speedplay pedal withjout body

This is a one-sided pedal.

Speedplay X2 pedals. Used, $70.00

Used X2 pedals

Speedplay X2 body. $45.00

Speedplay X2 pedal body

The body comes with the screws

Speedplay X2 pedal body

Another view of the X2 pedal body