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Vintage Components - Specialized Touring Road Pedals

On this page: Two different sets of Specialized Touring pedals: Newer set | Less expensive older set

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Specialized Touring Road Pedals: used $70.00

Part# PD-50-01

Specialized Touring Pedals are the answer for riders who want both a toe-clip & strap set-up and a wide pedal platform. These pedals have fully serviceable cup-and-cone bearings, but have seals on the exposed, outside bearings. We believe they were made in the 1980s by MKS.

The cages are replaceable and occasionally show up on eBay.

Like several other components Specialized offered in the 1980s, these pedals were designed by Jim Merz. Merz built highly-regarded frames in Portland, Oregon in the 1970s and early '80s before shutting down his shop to work for Specialized.

Specialized Touring pedals

Side view of these nice, wide pedals.

Specialized pedals

Top view, showing how wide they are

Specialized Touring Pedals

Bottom view

Specialized Touring Road Pedals. used $45.00

Part# PD-50-02

Here we have a set of Specialized Touring pedals, one of the widest platforms designed at the time, made in Japan. The set retailed for $100 back in the 1980s.  

They use cup & cone bearings, but they are very durable pedals.  Yes, the left one is missing the outer “wing”.

Specialized Touring Pedals

Beautifully made and finished pedals with wonderfully wide and comfortable platforms

Specialized Touring pedals

Another shot of the pedals