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Vintage Components - Campagnolo Classic Record seat posts

On this page: Campy Nuovo Record 27.2 post

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Campagnolo Nuovo Record 27.2 seat post. Used $50.00

Campagnolo part number 1044.

Campagnolo produced this model, part Campagnolo Number 1044, from 1969 into sometime in the 1980s. Campagnolo had been making a two-bolt post much like the Nuovo Record model pictured below since 1957. But this is the famous one.

This post has a minimum insertion mark, meaning it was made sometime between 1973 and the mid-1980s. It also has a lightly engraved driver's licence number near the top of the post. It barely shows.

Campagnolo 27.2 seat post

A Campagnolo Nuovo Record post allows for perfect saddle angle adjustment. The driver's license number can be seen just above and to the left of the Campagnolo trademark.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record seat post

All the hardware is in excellent condition

Campagnolo seat post

Another view of the post hardware