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Vintage Components - Campagnolo Classic Record & Super Record seat posts

On this page: Campy Super Record 27.2 post | Campy Nuovo Record 26.4

Campagnolo Super Record 27.2 seat post. $160.00

The first Campagnolo Super-Record components, produced in the mid-1970s, were things of beauty. This fluted 27.2 post from the 1970s, in wonderful condition, proves it.

Campagnolo Super Record 27.2 seat post

Simple, perfect design

Campagnolo super Record Seat post

Side view

Campagnolo 27.2 seat post


Campagnolo Nuovo Record 26.4 seat post. Used

This might be a Gran Sport post, we cannot be sure.

Campagnolo NR seat post

Front view

Seat post close-up

Close-up of the clamp

Seat post clamp

The back of the saddle clamp

Campagnolo seat post

Side view

Nuovo Record seat post

From the back

Nuovo Record seat post

Another view from the back