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Vintage Components - Campagnolo downtube and fingertip shift levers

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Campagnolo fingertip friction (barcon) shifters. $60.00

Part# SL-20

These have become quite rare, the classic Campagnolo friction fingertip shifters that fit at the end of the handlebars. It's hard to date these, but we're guessing mid-1960s to early-1970s. Ours still have the original rubber covers to complete that classic look.

Campagnolo fingertip shifters

To install, the lever is removed from the body to expose an Allen socket that expands the plug to sit tightly in the handlebar end. The cable must be installed in the lever at this point, the the lever is reassembled and the friction tension adjusted.

Campagnolo 8-speed index/friction fingertip (barcon) shifters. New, $450.00

Part# 70355

  • We have two sets
  • The right (rear) shifter can be set to either 8-speed index or friction. This is the shifter Campy produced with that feature.

Campagnolo 8-speed fingertips shifters

All new and all there.

Campagnolo fingertip shifters

Close-up of the levers

Campagnolo fingertip shifters

And the levers flipped over

Campagnolo Gran Sport 1950s down tube clamp-on shift levers.

We have two sets of these classic down-tube shift levers dating from the 1950s: Set 1 | Set 2

Set 1:

Part# SL-01

Simple and perfectly designed. These clamp-on down-tube friction shifters are from the 1950s. We're guessing 1955-56, but we can't be sure. Used, $45.00

Campagolo down tube shift levers

It's all there and ready to complete a vintage bike

Campagnolo Gran Sport downtube shifters

This shot shows that there is some rust on the clamp

Set 2:

Part# SL-02

A lovely set, in terrific condition. We're guessing they date from the late 1950s. Note the word "guess". Used, $45.00

Campagnolo gran sport shifters

This set is in great condition with just a touch of cracking on the chrome clamp.

Campagnolo Gran Sport shift levers

Back view. That is paint, not rust, on the center of the inside of the clamp.

Campagnolo Record/Nuovo Record "later version" downtube braze-on friction shifters. Used $35.00

We date these to the mid-1980s. They don't have cable housing stops nor the "Vicenza" city embossed. They are smooth with sunken "Campagnolo" on the levers.

This set is in wonderful condition.

Note: The clamp in the pictures is no longer available.

Campagnolo Record downtube shifters

Only the shift levers are for sale. We no longer have the clamp.

Record downtube shifters

And from the bottom . Again, we are selling just the levers. We no longer have the clamp.

Campagnolo Valentino downtube shifters with cable housing stops - $25.00

We date these levers from the late 1970s. Campagnolo used the same lever arms on its entire line, only the hardware changed. In this case, the frame clamps and knurled tensioning nuts. There are cable housing stops on these sets, so if a restoration project requires cable housing all the way up to the levers, these levers will do the job. But bare cables can also be used.

We have two sets: Shifter set #1 | Shifter set #2

Shifter set 1:

Part# SL-03-01

Campagnolo Velentino shift levers

These levers made it through the decades in great condition.

Campagnolo Valentino shift levers

Back view of the levers

Shifter set 2:

Part# SL-03-02

Campagnolo Valentino downtube shifter

These levers come with the Campagnolo cables, which are in great condition

Valentino shifter

Close up, showing the good condition of the mounting band's chrome.

Valentino downtube shifters

And from the back

Stratos 8-speed Synchro braze-on downtube shift levers. Used, $60.00

Part# 70348

Produced in 1994

Campagnolo Stratos shifters

Lightly used

Stratos Shifters

Side view

Stratos shifters

And the other side