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Retroshift combined braking and shifting system

On this page: Retroshift lever set

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The website described the Retroshift levers thus: "Retroshift is basically a Tektro R200A brake lever with a specially machined part attached so you can fit a Shimano bar-end or down-tube shifter to it. The Tektro brake has its lever removed so it can be polished, etched with a logo and drilled for the Retroshift part to be bolted on. Then it's all put back together again."

In short. The Retroshift levers are brake levers to which you can bolt on your own Shimano fingertip or downtube shifters.

Retroshift Lever set. New, $125.00

Retroshift levers

You can see how your shift lever can be bolted on to the brake levers.

Retroshift levers

Side view


The other side

Retroshift info

The info sheet that came with the levers.