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Shimano shift lever accessories and replacement parts

On this page: Downtube cable stops for frames with shifter bosses | Ultegra/105-9-speed front cover screw | Ultegra 9-speed lever for parts

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Shimano shift levers are posted here.

Downtube cable stops for frames with shifter bosses

If you want to use STI or fingertip shifters and your frame has braze-ons for downtube shifters, here's what you need.

We have Dura Ace Wing | Shimano Wing used | Barrel adjuster

Dura Ace Wing downtube cable stop & adjuster. New, $25.00

The wing adjuster makes it easy to perform small adjustments to the rear derailleur on the fly

Dura-ace wing-barrel adjuster

Wing downtube cable stop & adjuster. Used, $10.00

Wing Barrel adjusters

Shimano threaded barrel adjusters. New, $20.00

Shimano downtube threaded adjusters

Shimano Ultegra ST-6500, ST-6501 and 105 ST-5500 9-Speed Front Cover Screw. New, $5.00/each

  • Shimano part# LD717

Frobt cover screw

Shimano Ultegra 9-speed lever for parts. Used, $25.00

  • What you get is what is in the photo.
  • If you need parts for your lever, good chance they are here.

Ultegra nine-speed lever for parts