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Components - Deda Murex quill stems

On this page: Deda Murex quill stems: 11cm black

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Here is Deda's Murex stem info: From a long tradition comes a true new classic, revised with modern eyes. Quill (22.2 mm; 7/8’ diameter) stem for 1” threaded headset, open clamp for 26mm handlebar diameter. Drop forged and CNC turned 6061 T6 aluminum light alloy.

  • Stem has a 73-degree angle. It will be horizontal on most bikes.
  • Weight for 11cm stem is 310 grams
  • Made in silver and black

Deda Murex 11 cm x 26mm bar diameter, black. New, $50.00

Part# 30832

The stem plug is secured with two small allen bolts. We are missing one on this stem, but the plug will remain securely in place with the one bolt.

Deda Murex stem

Openable face plate makes for easy handlebar servicing and replacing.