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Vintage Components - Cinelli XA stem, 26.0 bar diameter

On this page: Cinelli XA 26.0 stems, 9cm silver | 11cm silver | 12cm silver | 13cm silver

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Cino Cinelli's brother Giotto had been making steel stems in Florence, Italy. They moved the business to Milan after the Second World War. Cinelli began making alloy stems in 1963 and it wasn't long before the Cinelli stem was the choice of serious athletes and connoisseurs.

The XA stem on this page was produced from the mid 1980s into the early 2000s.

It was produced for two bar diameters, the traditional 26.4mm Cinelli diameter and the industry standard, 26.0, most often associated with 3T and ITM. This page has our stock of 26.0 Cinelli XA stems. Our 26.4 Cinelli XA stems are here.

Cinelli XA 9cm silver stem. Used, $70.00

Cinelli XA 9cm stem

Cinelli XA 11cm silver stem. New, $80.00

Part# 31123

This stem has all the color pieces to fit in the stem closure.

Reminder: It is for a 26.0 bar.

Cinelli stem

The black color piece is installed in this stem.

Cinelli XA 12cm x 26.0 silver stem. Used, $70.00

Cinelli XA 12cm stem

Used, but barely

Cinelli XA 13cm silver stem. New, $80.00

Part# 31124

Reminder, it is for a 26.0 bar.

Though the bar binder bolt is not shown in the picture, it will be supplied with the stem.

Cinelli stem

The bar binder bolt is included