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Tandem Stoker Stems

On this page: Tandem Stoker Stems: Nitto 8cm 26.8 x 25.4 | Nitto 11cm 27.2 x 26.4 | Burley adjustable 27.2 x 25.4 | Dimension adjustable 27.2/29.8mm x 26.0-26.4mm | CroMoly 10cm 27.2 x 26.0

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Nitto 8cm Stoker stem for 26.8mm post and 25.4mm bars. New, $100.00

Part# 32001

Nitto 8 cm stoker stem

New, and ready for the road.

Nitto Stoker stem

The same stem, from the top.

Nitto 11cm Stoker stem for 27.2mm post and 26.4mm bars. New, $100.00

Part# 3200

Nitto Soker stem

Beautifully finished

Nitto stoker stem

From the top

Burley adjustable length stoker stem for 27.2mm post & 25.4mm bars. New, $90.00

Part# 32502

Burley stoker stem

Perfect for either finding that perfect place for the bars or allowing different stokers to ride comfortably.

Burley stoker stem

And from the top

Dimension 13cm-18cm adjustable stoker stem for 27.2/29.8mm post and 26-26.4mm bars. New, $100.00

Part# 32503

  • Stem is adjustable from 13cm to 18cm
  • It will fit 27.2 or 29.8mm seatposts (it comes with a fitting sleeve, see bottom picture)
  • Bars from 26.0mm to 26.4mm can be used

Dimensionstoker stem

Nicely finished and very versatile

Dimensio stem

And from the top

CroMoly 10cm stoker stem for 27.2mm post and 26.0mm bars. New, $45.00

Part# 32002

Cromoly stoker stem

We don't know the maker's name.

Cromoly stem

From the top