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SSC Bicycle Services and More

Including a custom headset fitter

In addition to being a full-service local bike shop (LBS) we here at South Salem Cycleworks offer a variety of personal services to make your active sporting life more fun and enjoyable.

Bike Rentals: We are out of the rental business. We have no bikes to rent.

We fix bikes, all kinds of bikes. And we do it well. We have seen it all and repaired it all. Let our decades of experience and huge assortment of specialty bike tools get your bike back on the road.

Custom Handmade Wheel Building

Michael builds all of the custom wheels for the South Salem Cycleworks bikes and frames by hand. Michael will work with you to determine the best overall combination of rims, hubs, and spokes to match both your riding style and your new custom frameset.

In addition, Michael will build wheels for hard-core commuters, tandem riders, and tourists that will withstand the rigors of the road.

Here's a customer's testimonial to our wheelbuilding care and expertise.

Filippo pozzato

We can take care of you, no matter what your wheel needs: Racing, touring, commuting or tandem riding. We have decades of wheel-building experience under our belt.

Custom Bicycle Fitting

Another service offered by South Salem Cycleworks is that of custom bike fitting and measurements. We can fit you to your existing bike or measure you for your new bike. This can be a time consuming process so be sure to make an appointment with Michael and he'll fully explain the process.

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