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Efram summer short-fingered gloves

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Efram gloves are made by an Italian company named “3 Face”. Here’s their story, taken from the company web site.

The company was born in the late 1970s from an intuition of Efrem Bertolo. A passion for entrepreneurship and sports led Efrem to turn his drive and spirit of initiative into the first cycling items.

From the beginning, innovation was the key word and the company's core idea. The continuous desire to innovate drove Efrem to create items that were not yet on the market. Thus were created the first helmets in the world of cycling, an article that later became commercialized by the competing market, but whose origins go back to the company's laboratories.

Over time, the company's focus shifts and focuses on other items such as gloves and shoe covers. The company's growth becomes exponential, eventually becoming a world leader in the industry.

The desire to provide the customer with an increasingly complete service prompted Efrem to expand the company's production expertise, adding to its catalog all the items a cyclist needs. This was the starting point for the Threeface project, a brand specializing in the complete production of all cycling apparel items, from jerseys to pants, from jackets to tights.

At the basis of the brand lies a deep desire, that of creating high-quality products that go to best meet the needs and requirements of the cyclist.

Threeface garments aim to accompany you and make your passion for cycling unique and comfortable. Thanks to the very long experience gained over the years, we are able to perform this task to the best of our ability.

We closely follow the evolution of the market so that we can provide you with fabrics and components that keep up with your expectations. We listen and welcome your ideas with the desire and wish to transform them into products that are the best in both aesthetic and technical aspects.

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Efram Campagnolo XL Cycling Gloves, Italian-made. New, $50.00/set

Efram gloves

Lovely set of bright, visible gloves.

Efram Cycling Gloves

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