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Barr Mitts cold-weather handlebar mittens

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Bar Mitts cold-weather flat-bar mittens (Pogies). New, $65.00/set

Part# 22030

  • Important: These Bar Mitts are for flat bars.

Here is what Bicycling Magazine said about Bar Mitts: "I personally fell in love with Bar Mitts. These are waterproof and wind-resistant neoprene pogies that attach simply to your handlebars via three Velcro straps. They go around the end of your bar for added protection, and there's a zipper to help fit them over your shifters and brake levers. Unlike most pogies, Bar Mitts do not cinch closed around the wrist, which makes me feel better about potentially disconnecting from my bike on rougher trails."

Bar Mitt on bike

Here's what a Bar Mitt looks like on a bike

Bar mitt

Here's one of our Bar mitts before mounting

Bar Mitts brochure

Here's the info from the Bar Mitts package

Bar Mitts mounting instructions

Here are the mounting instructions