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Chiba winter cycling gloves

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Chiba winter gloves on this page: Chiba Dry Star, small | Chiba RainPro Mittens, X-Small

Chiba Dry Star winter cycling gloves, size small. New, $55.00/pair

Part# 21820

While great all-round cold-weather gloves for any type of cycling, Chiba says these gloves will make using Grip-Shift systems easier.

Chiba Dry Start gloves

Front and back

Chiba Dry Start winter gloves

The package

Chiba gloves

Tags that came with the gloves

Chiba Dry Star gloves

Tag that roughly means there is special trim on the glove for Grip Shift

Chiba RainPro Mittens, extra-small. New, $25.00/pair

Part# 21813

These are designed to go over your regular gloves, be they short or long-fingered. They can also be used as simple wind-blocks to keep you hands more comfortable.

Chiba RainPro mittens

Mittens are warmer than five-fingered gloves.

Chiba mittens

This is nice to know.

Chiba RainPro mittens

This tag says the mittens have special trim that make using them with Grip-Shift easier.

Chiba RianPro mittens

The outside of the descriptive header than comes with the mittens

Chiba Rainpro mittens

The back of the descriptive header

Ciba gloves

Another tag that comes with the mittens

Chiba Cycling mittens

And the back