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Winter cycling headgear: Balaclava

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Balaclavas: Louis Garneau Drytex 2000 | Louis Garneau Matrix 2.0

A Balaclava is a warm piece of headgear designed to expose only the eyes, nose and mouth. In the UK the slang name is "Bally" and in the US it may simply be called a "Ski Mask."

Louis Garneau Drytex 2000 Balaclava. New, $25.00

Part# 24822

We have four in stock

Louis Garneau Balaclava

Front. Looks warm.

Louis Garneau Balaclava

Side view


From the back

Louis Garneau Balaclava

Info on the Drytex 2000 fabric

Louis Garneau Balaclava

The other side of the hang tag

Louis Garneau Matrix 2.0 Balaclava. New, $30.00

Part# 24822

Louis Garneau Matrix Balaclava

Front view

Louis Garneau matrix Balaclava

From the side

Louis Grneau Balaclava

Back view

Louis Garneau Balaclava hang tag

Hang tag with info

Louis Garneau balaclava

More info if you are into bar codes and part numbers.